How marriages have changed in the last decade

The wedding vows have been personalized with self -made love phrases , while the wedding decoration has captured the attention of the bride and groom more than ever. There are only some changes that the institution has undergone in the last ten years, to which the entry into force of the Civil Union Agreement in Chile in 2015 is added.

If in your plans you are exchanging wedding rings , review in this article what the type of weddings that is prevailing today is like.

  1. Fewer rites and protocols


Structured marriages are a thing of the past. And it is that in the last decade the bride and groom have turned to more informal and relaxed celebrations , possible to adapt to different styles. For example, a wedding in an elegant room can be as relaxed as a country or industrial wedding. The key is to loosen when it comes to the labels, protocols and rituals that previously had great weight.

Among other things, couples no longer invite the entire family just by commitment, the wedding dress does not necessarily have to be white and ordering the tables by guest does not become an obligation. Nor is the waltz danced as an imposition and the wedding cake can even be replaced by cupcakes.

  1. Personalized weddings


The last decade has been marked by the desire to want to personalize everything . A trend that has been increasing from 2010 onwards, becoming almost an obligation in 2020 weddings. From choosing wedding decorations according to a theme, to creating a logo with their names to mark stationery , fabrics or souvenir labels. And if it is about music, now it is the bride and groom who choose the songs, both to enter the altar and to set the different moments of their celebration.

  1. Gastronomic experience


Nowadays, it is not enough to offer a good banquet, since the objective is to surprise the guests with avant-garde proposals . For example, 2015 was the height of gourmet / fusion gastronomy, while 2017 foodtrucks jumped to marriages as an alternative to the traditional banquet.

On the other hand, during the last decade the thematic stations (Candy Bar, Beer Bar) and the Show Cooking -or live cooking demonstration- also appeared, transferred the TV screen to the wedding salons. Likewise, it is increasingly common to see decoration with flavor , such as the walls of donuts and the macarons towers, which set a precedent a few years ago.

  1. Digital resources


Technology is advancing fast, but marriages are not far behind when it comes to joining the new trends. In fact, today it is possible to organize virtually the entire celebration in a virtual way , from looking for suppliers, to sending the parts and confirming the attendees. It is also possible to create a web page to interact in the preview with the guests, invent a hashtag for the wedding and, on the day of the link, broadcast the gold rings posture live through a social network. The hashtag, for example, gained strength in the second part of the decade, becoming an indispensable tool these days. And the same goes for selfies , which are photos that will certainly not be missing.

  1. Sustainability


Environmental awareness was installed in marriages at the beginning of the decade and, since then, it has not ceased to be a relevant topic. In this way, more and more couples are choosing ecofriendy weddings , incorporating concepts that are now familiar.

Among them, use recyclable stationery, reuse fabrics for the bridal wardrobe, prefer seasonal food for the banquet and give your guests plants or seeds . For the rest, they are weddings that are celebrated in the day, making the most of natural light and betting on DIY wedding arrangements . That is, they are made by hand from recycled items, such as bottles and cans for centerpieces and hanging decorations.

  1. Signaling and messages


Finally, the last decade has witnessed the explosion of all kinds of signs, arrows and posters that decorate the spaces , but which also have a practical purpose. Mirrors, felt boards, chalkboards, and rustic wooden signs are some formats used to write welcome messages and beautiful phrases of love , personalize the bride and groom’s stalls, indicate the program, deliver instructions, and mark places such as the lounge area or the dance floor.

In addition, posters are used to detail the bar menu and expose the hashtag, with illuminated signs being the latest in trends . Thought ten years ago, today neon signs add a touch of glamor to celebrations, although they also adapt to all styles. And they serve everything!

Just like the groom suit and the wedding dress , the trends are renewed, giving way to more casual weddings. Therefore, if you are already organizing your posture of silver rings , now you know what trends to incorporate to show off with a full marriage at the forefront.


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