Marketing and packaging customization: Coca cola, Nutella and Kinder

Do you know any brand that each client would not like to feel unique? Personalization today is undoubtedly one of the main levers in marketing to provide differential value to each client. Recently we have been able to check how: Coca cola , Nutella or Kinder, have carried out promotional marketing actions based on the personalization of their packaging. These promotions have allowed consumers to get the packaging of their favorite products personalized with their name or even with their photo, in the case of Kinder. These marketing actions have been well received in the market thanks mainly to innovation in the field of personalization of consumer products aimed at the masses. Let’s not forget that this type of campaign based on customizing products for mass markets, just a few years ago was unthinkable and today they are possible thanks to current technology and its democratization (revolution 2.0).


Coca Cola originally launched this marketing campaign in Australia under the name “share a coke”, due to its success it has been exported to more than 32 countries. Consumers can find at the points of sale, the most common names of people in each country on the packaging of regular Coca cola, Coca cola light and Coca cola zero. The idea of ​​this campaign is to invite you to share a Coke that bears the name of a family member or friend, although normally the first reaction is usually to look for your own name.

On the microsite you can see those special moments in which consumers have shared their coca cola with family and friends, a ranking with the most requested names and if you cannot find your name among the packages, there is a section in which you can request a sticker with the name you want.


The Nutella brand has also decided to personalize its packaging through labels. To do this, consumers must access the Nutella Facebook page and download the “personalized labels” application for free. In this application the consumer enters the name with which he wants to personalize his label and the shipping information, after a few days they receive the labels at home and by mail.

The success of this marketing campaign has been resounding, the first week the quota of programmed labels ran out in two hours and after the stipulated promotional period ended, Nutella has decided to extend it.


Kinder Chocolate has been the last to join the party of personalization, but taking another step in that area. Personalization this time, in addition to adding the name you want, allows you to personalize the packaging with a photograph.

This promotional action, like Nutella, is also carried out on the official Facebook page of the brand and with the free download of the application Face Kinder Chocolate! This application allows you to upload an image to create the custom label. After entering personal information, Kinder will send the personalization kit and consumers will be able to share their photos in the space provided on the Facebook page.

Coca Cola, Nutella and Kinder with their marketing actions based on the customization of packaging have revolutionized the market, but they have also achieved many other benefits for their brands, below I will detail the most relevant ones:

-It provides added value . By customizing the Coca Cola containers, Nutella and Kinder have managed to create and provide differential value to the customer.

-Connection between brand and consumer . These actions bring the brand closer to the consumer.

-Positive brand experience . Through Coca cola, Nutella and Kinder, the consumer has a positive, emotional and meaningful experience.

-Greater notoriety . Who has not heard in recent weeks of the promotion of Coca cola, Nutella or Kinder?

-Virality and buzz marketing . The role of social networks has been key to generate noise. Consumers share photos and generate conversations about their personalized products, contributing to the virality of the promotion.

-Customer databases . Thanks to registration in promotions, brands obtain valuable information for their databases.

And of course these operational marketing actions are of little use if, after customizing their packaging, Coca-Cola, Nutella and kindergarten had not been able to increase the sales of their products.


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