Map firefly in fortnite season 3 chapter 3

Fortnite is lit up in the evenings by fireflies – living creatures that love to fly in one pile. And unlike real life, where fireflies have a slightly different behavior, in Fortnite they spawn in one place and don’t move anywhere from this place. This is convenient, because players hardly want to look for their new location every time. In this article, you will find out where you can find fireflies and see the firefly map for season 3, chapter 3.

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Fireflies appear on the map closer to dusk. They can be distinguished by a small illuminated area. Looking for them at night is a pleasure, the main thing is to know exactly where to look. And you need to do this, because they are often needed for daily or weekly tasks.


These creatures can be used to destroy buildings or enemies with fire. It is enough just to pick up the jar and throw it towards the object.

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Where to find fireflies season 3 chapter 3

Fireflies in season 3 chapter 3 rarely spawn directly on locations, usually they come across in the fields.

  • Between Greasy Diner and Rocky Cinema
  • Between the Abandoned Towers and Sundae Crossing
  • Between Loop Cave and Shafts
  • Between Sleepy Village and Daily Bugle


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