Fortnite vending machine map season 3 chapter 3

Vending machines are extremely useful. In real life, with their help, you can satisfy your hunger or thirst, and stock up on weapons and medicines in Fortnite. As we know, there is nowhere in the game without the latter, and therefore knowing the location of vending machines is very important.


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It is noteworthy that vending machines look like in real life – this is a small device that for money, in this case gold, gives you the necessary goods.

These devices often have to be found within weekly or even daily tests. They will also help in testing where to spend gold bars. After all, in order to buy something from a vending machine, you need to have the appropriate funds.

There are broken vending machines in fortnite. They appear on the map randomly, in those places where the most ordinary machines are. Most often, a faulty vending machine can be found in the Daily Budle.

These machines sell random items for a fixed price.

Where to find vending machines in fortnite

There are vending machines at almost every named location:

  • Summer camp
  • greasy diner
  • rocky cinema
  • Chonker’s track
  • synaptic station
  • Jones Village
  • Shelter
  • Plombirny Crossing
  • Mines
  • Nice sawmill

Machines with heals can also be found outside locations, for example, at gas stations.

Fortnite vending machine map season 3 chapter 3

I hope the fortnite slot machine map helped you, and you will complete any task, no matter what you face.

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