What Is Malaria Fever (AGUE);What Causes Malaria?

Malaria fever is the most important parasitic disease.In the early stages, malaria symptoms are often similar to those of many other infections caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites.This complaint is very common in some parts of the country, and quite unknown in others. Low, marshy places are most liable to it ; but it is not confined to them. It is indicative of a low state of the system, and generally yields to small doses of quinine,which should be persevered in whenever an attack is apprehended.

The complaint being of a local character, there are many very good and simple local remedies. A very favorite and often very efficacious one is to beat lip a new laid egg in a glass of brandy, and drink it on going to bed. Another : take 30 grains of snake root, 40 grains of wormwood, 4 oz. of the best powdered Jesuit bark, and 4 pint of port wine.

Put these into a wine-bottle, shake it well each time before using, and take a fourth part of it twice a day, viz., the
first thing every morning and on going to bed. Half the quantity is a proper dose for a child. When the fits are
very severe, they may be mitigated by talking a small dose of pecacuanha, a scruple in an ounce of water, just
sufficient for a slight emetic, about an hour before the attack is expected; but this should be avoided if possible, as
tending to weakness. The extremities should be kept warm, and occasional perspiration promoted

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