Video errors in Windows 10: causes and solutions

A Windows 10 user often encounters errors related to video. They usually happen due to improper interaction of the operating system with the video card or out-of-date drivers, but there are other reasons for their occurrence. Fortunately, most of these errors are not difficult to fix. It is impossible to solve only the problems associated with the malfunction of the video card itself.


  • 1Major Windows 10 Video Errors and Their Reasons
    • 1Causes of common video errors
      • 1.1″video _tdr_ failure” error
      • 1.2″The video driver has stopped responding and has been restored”
      • 1.4Error code 43
      • 1.5Error with code 10
      • 1.6″DirectX device creation error” error
    • 2How to fix video problems in Windows 10
      • 1Updating Drivers
        • 1.1Video: How to Update Graphics Card Drivers in Windows 10
      • 2Restoring a previous version (rollback) of a driver
        • 2.1Video: How to Roll Back a Video Card Driver to a Previous Version
      • 3Checking OS compatibility with the video card model
        • 3.1Table: compatibility of video cards with Windows 10
      • 4Installing the latest version of DirectX
        • 4.1Video: How to Install the Latest DirectX on Windows 10
      • 5Cleaning the disk from “garbage”
        • 5.1Video: How to Perform Disk Cleanup in Windows 10
      • 6Eliminating a short-term system failure
      • 7Recovering and cleaning the registry
        • 7.1Video: how to clean the Windows 10 registry manually and using CCleaner
      • 8Rolling back the system to a restore point
        • 8.1Video: How to Roll Back Windows 10 Using a Restore Point
      • 9Out of RAM
      • 10Cleaning the cooling unit

Major Windows 10 video errors and their reasons

The most popular errors that appear due to video problems:

  • “Video _tdr_ failure …”;
  • “The video driver has stopped responding and has been recovered.”
  • “VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR”, error 0 x 00000119 or 0 x 119;
  • “VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR”, error 0 x 113;
  • error with code 43;
  • error with code 10;
  • “DirectX device creation error”.

If you tried to overclock the system before the error occurred, then you need to roll back all the settings, including the parameters of the video card, RAM and processor. Also, the power supply capacity – it must meet the requirements of the graphics adapter.

If none of the methods listed below helps, contact the service center. Experts will surely check the video card’s serviceability and replace it if necessary.

Causes of common video errors

The problems due to which the above errors appear are usually similar, but in order not to get confused, we will analyze each separately.

Video _tdr_ failure error

This is the most common video error that occurs when the interaction between the video card and the OS fails.

If the system loses response, then it cuts off the video adapter and proceeds to restore it. A blue screen appears in front of the user with the words “video _tdr_ failure _igdkmd64 sys” or “video_ tdr _failure_ atikmpag_ sys”.

The interaction between the system and the video card is destroyed for the following reasons:

  • problematic drivers, errors in OS files and hardware problems;
  • unlicensed video card drivers;
  • unsuccessful upgrade of the previous version of Windows to the top ten;
  • overheating of the video card due to overclocking of the system or poor performance of the cooling unit;
  • non-compliance of the PC with the minimum requirements of the video card;
  • failure of the video card.

The problem can be corrected by reinstalling or updating drivers, rolling Windows back to an earlier restore point, or cleaning the computer. It is also worth carefully studying the requirements of the video card so that the equipment fits.

“The video driver has stopped responding and has been restored.”

This message usually interrupts the game. The notification itself appears at the bottom of the Taskbar, and the gameplay closes.

The error “The video driver has stopped responding and has been restored” appears during games or complex graphics processes and only on Windows 10

The error is typical only for the 10th version of Windows and happens when you carry out some complex calculations or turn on resource-intensive games, render video in the editor, etc. The reasons for the problem are as follows:

  • a mechanism implemented in the new OS restarts the driver if it does not respond or if its response is too long. Thus, system error protection is triggered. For example, in older versions of Windows, a situation with a long driver response would end in a blue screen of death. Here, when the driver stops responding, this does not happen, but a similar error appears. Unfortunately, the point is not in Windows 10 itself, but in the video card. Manufacturers promise to fix the problem in a new version of the driver, but it still appears every now and then;
  • the driver version is unstable, because “new” does not always mean “best”, especially when it comes to testing alpha versions. Better not to rush to download the latest drivers at all and wait a bit. Deficiencies, if any, will be corrected, and you will not lose anything;
  • the version of DirectX required to run complex 3D and other visual effects is outdated. This software deals with graphics processing, sound output in games, etc. Due to the work of DirectX, game developers can make their products more productive and entertaining. Usually, the user does not update DirectX himself: this happens automatically when he installs repacks of games. But sometimes the DirectX version is relevant at the time of the repack creation, and you download it some time after it appears, usually a long time, then an error may appear;
  • overheating of the equipment or its overclocking.

The situation is usually resolved after updating the video card drivers or rolling them back, manually installing the latest version of DirectX, or cleaning the cooling block.


This error can also be designated as “0x00000119” or “0x119”. The program that was launched at the moment the error message appears on the blue screen closes, the system begins to respond slowly to user actions, and the computer not only “freezes”, but sometimes stops working altogether.

The error message “VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR” is usually associated with installing new software or hardware

This usually happens after installing new software or hardware. Here it is advisable to track at what point the error appears: when installing the software, when starting it, loading a driver, or when shutting down. This will simplify the diagnosis of the causes, which, in turn, may be the following:

  • incorrect configuration, damage or outdated drivers;
  • viruses that have damaged system files;
  • damaged Windows registry;
  • driver conflict;
  • damage to the hard disk (errors).

The problem is eliminated after disinfecting the computer with antivirus, restoring or cleaning the registry, updating the drivers, as well as after eliminating errors on the hard drive. You can also roll back the system to a working restore point.

Similar causes and solutions for the error “VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR” (error 0 x 113).

Error code 43

The system usually displays such a message if you open the “Properties” of the video card in the “Device Manager”. A video problem occurs when the video adapter is stopped due to a problem.

Error code 43 says the video card has stopped due to a problem

The reasons for this situation:

  • driver problems;
  • short system failure;
  • broken registry keys;
  • conflict with RAM.

The key to fixing the error lies in updating the adapter drivers, fixing errors in the registry or problems after a crash.

Error with code 10

Error code 10 is usually seen when entering the properties of the video adapter and indicates that its driver is incompatible with Windows components.

Error code 10 appears when the video card cannot be started

The error happens:

  • after a system update, manual or automatic;
  • when installing the software for the video adapter on a “clean” Windows.

The problem is solved by updating the drivers or installing the necessary components that are not enough for the normal operation of the software.

DirectX device creation error

The problem with this message happens in games. The game requires graphics with the latest version of DirectX to run properly. The issue is solved by manual installation from the Microsoft website.

Installing the latest version of DirectX will help fix the “DirectX device creation error”

How to fix video problems in Windows 10

Many of the video problems listed above are quite solvable. The main thing is to determine the reason for their appearance, and start from it.

Updating Drivers

First of all, when the “blue screen of death” appears, as well as other errors with the video, update the drivers for the video adapter. This is one of the simplest procedures. Launch “Device Manager”, find there video hardware (item “Video adapters”) and select “Update drivers”. Then reboot the system.

To update the drivers, go to the “Device Manager” and in the context menu next to the name of the video card select “Update drivers”

You can also download the necessary files manually from the manufacturer’s website AMD or NVIDIA and reinstall the drivers.

Video: How to Update Graphics Card Drivers in Windows 10

Restore a previous version (rollback) of a driver

Restoration of the previous driver is resorted to when drivers stop responding. This is usually done either manually or using Windows tools. The second way is much easier and faster. To roll back a driver, follow these steps:

  1. Launch “Device Manager” from the “Taskbar”.Launch “Device Manager” from the “Taskbar”
  2. In the expanded section “Video adapters” call the context menu next to the name of your video card and go to “Properties”.Right-click on the name of the video card and select “Properties”
  3. On the “Driver” tab (second from the left), select “Rollback” and agree with the actions of the system.On the “Driver” tab, click “Roll Back”

Video: How to Roll Back a Graphics Card Driver to a Previous Version

Checking OS compatibility with the video card model

It is quite easy to check whether the system is compatible with the video card model, but meanwhile it is very important that the adapter works without errors. For example, many manufacturers post on their websites a compatibility table for video cards from different manufacturers with Windows 10.

Table: compatibility of video cards with Windows 10

GTX900 GTX980TI R9 300 R9 390X
GTX980 R9 390
GTX970 R9 380
GTX960 R9 370 1024SP
GTX700 GTX780TI R7 300 R7 370
GTX780 R7 360
GTX600 GTX690 R9 200 R9 295X2
GTX680 R9 290X
GTX670 R9 290
GTX660TI R9 285
GTX660 R9 280X
GTX650TI R9 270X
GTX650 R9 270
GT700 GT740 R7 200 R7 265
GT730 R7 260X
GT720 R7 260
  R7 250X
  R7 250
  R7 240
  R5 200 R5230
GT600 GT610 HD 5000 HD5450

Installing the latest version of DirectX

To update DirectX on your own, you need to go to the “Downloads” section on the official Microsoft website, find the latest version of DirectX there through the “Search” and install it on your computer.

To update DirectX, search for the latest version on the Microsoft website and install it

Video: How to Install the Latest DirectX on Windows 10

Cleaning the disk from “garbage”

Disk Cleanup not only gets rid of the error “0x119”, but also makes the system run faster. The procedure is carried out using the built-in utility Cleanmgr.exe. You can start it by typing in the “Command line” (to open it press Win + R) “cleanmgr” or by selecting “Disk Cleanup” via “Start” – “Programs”.

Disk Cleanup will not only help fix errors, but also make systems run faster.

Video: How to Perform Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

Eliminating a short-term system failure

To eliminate short system failures, for example, in case of error code 43, you just need to turn off your PC, unplug the wire and remove the battery, if we are talking about a laptop. After that, you need to wait 15–20 minutes and reconnect everything.

Registry recovery and cleaning

Editing the Windows registry is a serious procedure, and it is better not to start it yourself unless you are an experienced PC user. But broken keys and just “garbage” in the registry are well removed by the CCleaner utility. It is installed for free from the official website of the developer. After starting, you need to select the “Registry” section on the right side and go to the “Search for problems”. If any errors are found, click the “Fix” button and wait for the procedure to complete.

The registry can be cleaned up using the CCleaner utility

Video: how to clean the Windows 10 registry manually and using CCleaner

Roll back the system to a restore point

Returning the system to the previous point helps to cope with almost all errors, if you are sure that the video card worked without problems before. To rollback, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the context menu of the “Computer” and select the “Properties” item there.Select “Properties” in the context menu next to the “Computer” icon
  2. In the “Additional system parameters” (on the left) select the “System protection” section and there click on the “Restore” button.In the “Advanced system settings” section, find the “System protection” item and click on the “Restore” button
  3. The recovery wizard will start. Select the point to which you want to return, after which the system will reboot and roll back.In the recovery wizard, select the desired point and roll back the system

Video: How to Roll Back Windows 10 Using a Restore Point

Out of RAM

Of course, the problem of lack of RAM is solved by installing additional RAM, if possible, but sometimes a little trick works:

  1. In the “Control Panel” open the “Administration” tab in the “System and Security” section.In the “Control Panel” find “Administration” under “System and Security”
  2. Go to the “System Configuration” menu, and in the window that opens in the “Download” tab, there you will need the “Additional parameters” item.Open the “System Configuration” item, then the “Boot” tab and the “Advanced Settings” item
  3. Check the box next to “Maximum memory” and click “OK”, then reboot.Check the box next to “Maximum memory” and click “OK”

Cleaning the cooling unit

If you suspect that your computer is overheating, dust it yourself or at a service center. Many problems arise corny due to a dust-clogged cooling unit. It is also sometimes helpful to change the thermal paste.

When installing complex games, carefully read the system requirements: the equipment must meet them, then the risk of problems with the video card will be minimal. If the system still gives an error, and none of the listed methods work, contact the specialists who will help diagnose the video adapter and replace it.

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