Making toothpaste at home is simple;10 Facts You Must Know

The toothpastes we use cost and sometimes contain unhealthy ingredients, from dyes to preservatives. Alternatively, we can make 100 percent natural DIY toothpastes without wasting money. We already have many of the necessary ingredients at home and have a really low cost.


You can’t joke with your mouth. The teeth should be treated , primarily through good prevention (including dental care) and a habit of healthy lifestyle, to clean them, for example after meals. Hence the importance of toothpaste that is not said must always and only be an industrial product , in some cases even poor.


Do you want to prevent tooth decay and control halitosis without ingesting chemicals? Homemade toothpaste can be a viable alternative. Those that pre-packaged, which we find in the pharmacy or supermarket, in fact in some may contain unhealthy ingredients. Parabens, or artificial colors and preservatives are some substances, present in toothpastes, which serve to give a certain conformation and a certain color to the product, while being useless and sometimes harmful for our well-being. During the washing we ingest a minimal part of it, but we can avoid them completely by using, whenever possible, a natural toothpaste. Just know the right ingredients and combine them correctly, in order to obtain a satisfactory result.


The most common packaged toothpastes are in cream or gel. However, we can produce valid alternatives in powder or cream at home . We only need certain ingredients, many of which we already have on hand such as salt, baking soda and aromatic herbs. So we can make 100% natural toothpaste, respect the environment and have a perfect smile at a minimal cost. Here are some solutions that can help, supplement or replace, in part, the action of a classic toothpaste :

  • Salt toothpaste. It has a whitening effect on the teeth, disinfects the gums and removes plaque. It can be used once a week or every fifteen days. To make it we need to mix a tablespoon of salt and two tablespoons of baking soda. We sprinkle the solution obtained on the brush, wet, so as to obtain a light cleaning foam.
  • Aloe toothpaste. The beneficial properties of aloe are varied and also affect the health of the teeth. We can obtain a natural toothpaste by mixing four tablespoons of aloe gel , a teaspoon of kaolin and four drops of mint essential oil. Once the solution is obtained, we must pour it into a glass container and store it in the refrigerator.
  • Strawberry toothpaste. Another way to whiten your teeth naturally is to brush them with toothpaste made with seasonal strawberries . By mixing a teaspoon of baking soda and a spoonful of crushed strawberries we obtain a ready-to-use solution. At that point, we can apply it directly on the toothbrush and rub the teeth as we usually do.
  • Tea Tree oil toothpaste. A natural remedy to fight bacteria and disinfect the mouth is to use tea tree oil toothpaste . We can get this essential oil in any herbal medicine and pour four or five drops into a solution made up of a spoonful of baking soda and one of white clay. In this way, we obtain an excellent toothpaste that is kept for a long time, at room temperature, and helps us to fight bad breath.
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