What makes a good business plan or proposal?

What a good business plan or proposal manages to do is to facilitate the path until reaching the desired end. Just as the curriculum is an instrument, a business plan also has a practical tool function that values ​​the entrepreneur’s project before the company itself (in the context in which that proposal will come to life) and before the investors who go to support this idea with your financing. In the event that the protagonist wishes to have a partner to do business, he can also better communicate the information related to this matter through prior preparation.



One of the reasons why it is important to have a good business plan or proposal is because the owner of these ideas can have a proactive vision to make happen that which at first only has a theoretical nature.


There is no decisive guarantee for success through a mathematical equation that guarantees compliance with a universal norm. However, the best way to get to the destination is to do things right from the beginning, paying attention to all the details that are collected in this document. Thanks to this previous work, the practical process is perfectly guided by the initial vision.

For a business to grow and evolve in the future, its base must be clear from the beginning. That’s what a business plan is for: it helps you to have an integration of all the elements. This global vision is decisive for managing particular issues.



Feasibility study

An idea can be very attractive in theory and be unrealistic in practice or impossible to materialize now from the present scenario. Through a good business plan it is possible to solve this type of contradictions from a diagnosis of the situation with which to make an inventory of the necessary ingredients to formalize the project from the economic point of view.

With this pre-planning you can not only predict where you want to go, but you can also determine from where parts to reach that point.

Personal motivation

A business not only consists of tangible resources that can be observed by its physical nature. The beginning of a desired and vocational business has a human engine: the motivation of the will. Setting up a company is not a simple experience: there are many steps that must be completed, the procedures that have to be executed and the decisions that are up to the responsibility of the moment. This difficulty, poorly managed, can kill the illusion. On the contrary, through a coordinated process, the person feels the protagonist of this professional moment instead of being constantly overwhelmed by doubts and external factors.

Therefore, a business plan is a key that opens doors to those entrepreneurs who observe their future in the direction of entrepreneurship. Thanks to this document, you maintain greater control over events.


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