How to make natural surf waves in your hair

If you want surf waves that last all day even if you have fine, straight hair, take note of these tips to achieve perfect beach waves.

Surf waves are, without a doubt, one of the most recommended looks of the summer, so you must learn how to do them immediately. Sofn very appropriate for days of sun, water and beach, since it is an ideal hairstyle to show off a spectacular mane . And the best of all is that you can do it from home and in a very simple way.

The so-called beach waves can be done in different ways . From using the classic iron for those who dare to apply heat in summer, to those that can be done without heat on medium hair and short hair.

Tricks to make surf waves

If you have always wanted to know how to make surf waves in your hair, do not stay with the desire. We show you different tricks below so that you can choose the one that suits you best. And of course, don’t forget that the real tool to be successful with these tricks is to mess up the surf waves a bit. Thus, instead of a look that is too arranged, you will get somewhat disheveled waves and much more casual.

  1. Make your surf waves on the beach

You may not know it, but the beach is where the waves come out best. This is because the effect of the sea salt and the sand makes you have those wild waves in your mane naturally. So, if you are on a beach day, you can take the opportunity to make your surf waves while protecting your hair from the dryness that the sun and salt water can cause.

It is ideal to make your waves surfing on the beach to get thicker in the texture of the mane, that is, that it has more body. To do this, choose a good surf wave spray or a curl mousse along with a leave-in conditioner. Apply it from the middle to the ends of damp hair when you are at the beach, so you will achieve that your waves are better defined, are hydrated and last all day.

  1. Surf waves at home and without heat

In summer you do not want to be with heat sources, so we have an alternative to the iron. A very simple way to do them is with the help of a few hairpins. The first thing you should do is, after washing your hair, wait for it to dry a little but to remain damp.

Afterwards, divide your hair into five or six strands, since the surf waves are wide, roll each strand with your fingers and pin them together as if you were making buns. Wait until your hair is completely dry to release the pins. Then turn your head upside down and make circular motions with it to add volume to the surf waves. Finally, peel them off with your fingers until you get the shape you want.

Some girls also put some surf wave spray or curling mousse before rolling the locks with their hair still damp.

  1. Make surf waves with short hair

Even if you have short hair, you can also make and wear spectacular surf waves. Only in this case you will need the help of a diffuser and a spray surf waves or foam for curls yes or yes.

To make them, with the hair still damp, apply a little of the spray or foam from half the hair to the ends. Try not to be too much, excess product could weigh your hair down and you will not get the wild look typical of surf waves. Next, divide your hair into six or seven strands and curl them while you blow- dry your hair. When you’re done, open the strands a little with your fingers and shape them into the desired shape.

We advise you to roll the strands in different directions to make the final look look wilder, but keep in mind that the strands that are right on both sides of your face should be rolled outwards.

  1. In medium hair with an iron

The ideal way to do medium-length surf waves, especially for those girls who have straight hair, is to do them with the help of an iron, so you will get better results. To begin, you must separate your hair into two large sections: one upper and one lower.

When you have them, start to make wide locks starting at the bottom and wrap them around the iron for five seconds without tightening them too much, then release them. Do the same with the next strands from the bottom and then start with the top. Remember to roll the strands that frame the face outward.

Once you have finished with the iron, open the strands a little with your fingers and, if you want more volume, turn your head upside down and give your hair movement. For best results, apply a fixing product at the end, so your waves will remain intact for longer.

  1. Make surf waves with braids and iron

Lastly, a faster way to do your surf waves is to do it with braids. To do this, divide your dry hair in half and apply a little styling wax, make a classic braid on each of the halves and secure them with a bobby pin instead of rubber bands . Then, pass the iron through the braids, stopping a few seconds in each area of ​​the braid.

When you finish with the iron, let the braids cool very well so that you achieve the desired waves. Then you just have to undo them and that’s it. If you want to get more volume, turn your head upside down and do circular massages to loosen the hair a little. You can also use a surf wave spray to make them last longer.


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