How to make your hydroalcoholic gel yourself?

Faced with the shortage of hydroalcoholic gels linked to the epidemic of Coronavirus Covid-19, it is possible to make your own antibacterial product. Please note, however: product handling must be carried out with great care.


  1. Is it possible to make your hydroalcoholic gel yourself?
  2. Beware of contraindications


The coronavirus epidemic is spreading throughout the world and especially in France. To guard against the Covid-19, certain barrier measures are very effective. It is strongly recommended not to have physical contact , to  cough in the crease of the elbow , to use disposable handkerchiefs , to wash the hands  with soap and water “by passing well in the nails and the interstices fingers “ or with ” hydroalcoholic gel, just as effective “ as frequently as possible, at least  ” before touching your nose or mouth “ reports Dr. Agnès Ricard-Hibon,1 .

The demand for these products has exploded with the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus in supermarkets and pharmacies. Some sellers do not hesitate to multiply by 6 or 7 their price to increase their profits. “There are isolated cases where unacceptable prices have been charged,”  said Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy at BFM Business . This is the reason why the price of hydroalcoholic gel is capped at 2 euros for 50mL and 3 euros for 100mL according to a decree published on Friday March 6.

Is it possible to make your hydroalcoholic gel yourself?

Several “DIY recipes” (do it yourself, to translate “do it yourself”) of hydroalcoholic solution circulate on the canvas. The World Health Organization 2 has released online the ingredients and instructions for designing the antibacterial liquid . For one liter of gel, 833 mL of 96% or 90% household alcohol must be mixed , 42 mL of  3% hydrogen peroxide also called hydrogen peroxide available in pharmacies, as well as 15 mL of 98% glycerol or glycerin also sale in pharmacy.

To this preparation must be added cooled boiled water or distilled water until a liter of solution is obtained. It is necessary to mix everything well and pour the substance into the dispensing bottles to be closed quickly. To differentiate the solution of other products, e tiquetez the bottle or add the dye , but it must be non-toxic and non-allergenic and must not compromise the microbial properties of the gel.

The solution will be quarantined for 72 hours , the time required for the bacterial spores potentially present in the alcohol or in the vials to be destroyed .

Beware of contraindications

  • This homemade product contains alcoholand is therefore  highly flammable . It should not be left near a heat source;
  • It must be stored highto avoid being within the reach of children. The domestic accidents related to the storage of toxic products are very common;
  • Do not follow the otherhydroalcoholic gel recipes circulating on the web ;
  • Note that it is best to wash your handswith soap and water. If the hydroalcoholic gel is practical on the go, too often used, it can alter the immune defenses of the skin and cause irritation .

This solution proposed by the World Health Organization is not intended for everyone. The WHO reports that its preparation guide concerns  ”  pharmacy professionals “ . The latter, faced with the shortage of hydroalcoholic gel, can thus produce their own anti-bacterial product in the event of a shortage of stock. Production must be supervised by  ” staff who know how to handle products and know how to define quantities”, explains Olivier Bourdon, pharmacist at Robert Debré hospital in Paris and professor at the faculty of pharmacy, at France Info 3 .

INRS 4 also  recalls that hydrogen peroxide, or hydrogen peroxide, is a  “powerful oxidant. The reaction can be violent (spontaneous combustion, detonation) with certain organic products (acetone, acetaldehyde, formic acid, alcohols.) “Note also that the hydrogen peroxide must be concentrated at 3%. A higher concentration can cause burns .

If you wish to make the product yourself, take into account the contraindications and first seek the advice of your pharmacist .


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