Majagua Palace Hotel.

Majagua Palace Hotel. The main building considered an architectural jewel of the town, it was built in 1912 .


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Summary of your story

The need to provide the flourishing town of Majagua with a prestigious place that would give beauty to the environment and solve the lodging of the people who visited the town gave rise to the construction of the Hotel Palacio.

At the time of its inauguration in 1912, its owner was Mr. Celedonio García Alonso.

On the first floor was the lobby, the file room, located under the stairs that went up to the rooms, and then the restaurant. Adjacent to these premises there was a billiard room and next to two shops, this floor was completed by a large patio with bathrooms and a store. In the upper part it worked as a hotel.

Due to its strategic position, beauty and good conditions, the hotel was visited by merchants, landowners and other personalities of the time.

The property passed through several tenants, in the following order:

Angel Junquera y Fernández, José Antonio Sánchez Martínez and Lorenzo Hernández, Pascual Sánchez, Manuel García Vázquez (Atalay), Manuel Luis and finally Manuel Pino, who remained in the business until 1959 , the date on which he was intervened by the Revolution and passed to be owned by the families who had rented the rooms and paid monthly, which they transformed into homes and built bathrooms for them, these families remained in that place until 1984 when, due to the danger of collapse, it was decided to vacate the place and move the families to other homes.

hotel details


Located on Comercio Street, on the corner of Avenida Cuba (currently Antonio Maceo Street, on the corner of Paseo Martí) in the town of Majagua , construction began in 1906 by the Méndez-Gutia brothers and was completed in 1912 by the firm Battle y Padrós.

Its height is approximately 16 m.


Its construction combines elements of Creole tradition, European architectural styles with an eclectic character and the combination of masonry wood that offers a physiognomy of the place.

Description of the property

The hotel has two floors. A lower one, with an oriental influence present in the shape of its columns, and an upper one, with a neoclassical façade, where the taste for classic elements and a tiled roof can be appreciated.


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