Complete Guide About Magnetic Therapy You Must Know

It is a treatment that uses magnetic fields to relieve muscle and joint pain.Have you ever noticed how relaxed you are when you go to the beach or places of great contact with nature, such as country houses, farms, etc.?
This happens because of the contact with the Earth’s magnetic field, which helps to relax the muscles and oxygenate the blood.


Magnetic therapy is based on the idea that our body forms a magnetic field that reacts to magnets when we approach them. This idea is based on the fact that our body has a certain percentage of iron in the blood.Together with the cell ions and the cells, these three components form a single magnetic field in our body.It has an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action, which influence positive effects on blood circulation, calcification of fractures and wound healing.

Types of magnetic therapy

Magnetotherapy is applied in practically all diseases characterized by pain, inflammation . Three types of magnetotherapy are identified depending on the source of the magnetic field used:

  • static
    ● low frequency
    ● high frequency

Static magnetic therapy

This is the simplest form of magnet therapy . It consists of applying magnets, on the skin of the place to be treated.Opposite magnets (eg, on both sides of the sore leg or arm) are also used to create an electromagnetic field, in cases of rheumatic pains or from tiredness, poor circulation.

Low frequency magnet technology

Low-frequency magnetotherapy generates variable magnetic fields with frequencies ranging from 10 to 200 Hz and is adequate to favor tissue regeneration.

High Frequency Magnetotherapy

With high frequency (or radio frequency) magnetotherapy the field generated reaches a few million hertz (18-900 MHz). These high frequencies are suitable for treating painful processes and inflammations.

Benefits of magnetotherapy

The magnetic field generated by a magnet acts mainly on the bone, joint, muscular and vascular systems. The healing functions of the magnetic field are:

  • Analgesia – pain relieving
    ● Analgesic / pain relieving ● Bone resistance and mineralization
    ● Accelerates calcification of fractures
    ● Increases vascular flow and blood flow velocity
    ● Improves peripheral circulation
    ● Accelerates healing of wounds, ulcers, and healing of soft tissues
    ● Improves skin metabolism
    ● Anti-aging action of tissues

arthritis ● arthritis
● lower back pain
● herniated disc
● osteoporosis
● rheumatic diseases
● muscle aches
● muscle and tendon twisting
● epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
● varicose veins
● decubitus ulcers
● edema
● tingling of the hands
● inflammation of the carpal tunnel

Some advantages of magnetotherapy

Compared with traditional therapies, treatment with magnetotherapy has indisputable advantages such as:

  • It is non-invasive
    ● Does not introduce any element (chemical or other) into the body
    ● Does not have any side effects
    ● Does not cause pain or discomfort.
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