Mac VS PC: which one to choose the best solution and why?

There is an existential doubt that arises in the mind of anyone who wants to buy a computer, at least the first time, which system to choose. That’s right, there is not only Windows. If you are a novice in the sector, an undecided or simply came here out of curiosity, today we will analyze the differences, similarities, pros and cons of the Windows and Mac OS operating systems .

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It will surely have happened to you, you enter a technology shop, curious around and start asking for information from the sales staff who after a quick explanation suggests Windows systems or Mac systems without going into too much detail and confusing even more ideas .

Let’s dispel some myths and some false legends

Let’s start by debunking some aura of mystery and together with them some myths, just to name a few…

  • mac systems are not exclusively usedfor professional tasks
  • windows systems are not always the best for gaming
  • mac systems are not perfect, the right model depends on your needs
  • Windows systems are not insecure per se, depending on how much the user puts their hands on them.

These examples are just some of the many things that should be said to a customer when buying in a technology store, but many times they are silenced to favor one or the other product.

The two systems differ greatly in:

  • design philosophy: Windows adapts to computers of very different bands and above all produced by different companies (Acer, Dell, Asus, to give examples), Mac instead is designed to work exclusively on Apple machines (Macbook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro , iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Mini)
  • philosophy towards the user:
    Windows is an open system, even if it does not open source, users can also change the functionality of the operating system, access to all functions.
    Mac is a much more closed system, not all system functions are accessible to the user, applications are mainly downloaded from the dedicated “AppStore” store where the software is verified and approved by Apple.

It’s time to choose: Mac or Windows?

Even if, as I said before, the myths are false, the typical users of the two systems are very different …

  • Apple systems are recommended for professionals in the graphic and multimedia sectors.
  • Windows systems are recommended for large machines (you are not obliged to spend about a thousand euros for a PC) and for scalability of performance (on a computer you can change the ram, video card etc … on a Mac the possibilities of retouching the system are very limited)

In any case, the pros and cons are on both sides, in fact if we had to summarize what was said above we would say that:


  • Pros: Easy-to-use system, among the most popular in the world, and the most used in Italy. It does not require a high budget, the machine park is varied in fact there are manufacturers who build Windows computers. Versatile and scalable.
  • Cons: For professional areas it may be inadequate, compatibility with one’s job may require a budget that is not suitable for everyone’s pocket. Being very widespread and adapted by different manufacturers, a possible vulnerability would be valid for the entire fleet. Applications are not subject to approval.

Mac OS:

  • Pros: System not always intuitive to use, suggested for professional ability. High durability over time. Laptop battery almost always touches eight hours of use. Apple controls and verifies all the applications present in the Mac AppStore, however it is possible to download software from unauthorized third-party sources. It is very difficult to run into operating system vulnerabilities.
  • Cons: The requested budget is medium-high. The only manufacturer authorized to use Mac systems is Apple. The average user may be affected by the shutdown of the operating system.

As I said, the operating systems taken into consideration are very different from each other, so consider all the possibilities before proceeding.

Are you considering buying a MacBook? We have created the buying guide made especially for you!

Before leaving, I remind you that:

  1. on Windows systems it is possible to remove the operating system in favor of a Linux system such as Ubuntu, and that Mac systems are excellent for the user groups described above.
  2. if you have opted for a notebook or a fixed windows, you can find our buyingguide to better guide you.
  3. do not be discouraged if you think they are difficult to use machines, in the various Apple Stores spread all over Italy and in the world you can request assistance from the various Genius, in any case you can also find courses online, the lessons for macare never lacking, now just search to get the information you are looking for in a few clicks.


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