Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review: The Courage of a Hero

It was in 2001 when Nintendo made Game Cube available to stores around the world, its new console that ended up having one of the best catalogs of the company. However, before everything that was to come was released, there was a game that accompanied the console in its first weeks, which was starring, to the surprise of many, by Luigi, Nintendo’s main secondary and which would have for the first time a solo adventure. Today, in the middle of 2019, we see the consequences of this decision with the imminent launch of one of the best games of the year: Luigi’s Mansion 3


  • Luigis Mansion 3 analysis for Nintendo Switch
  • Luigi will face the ghosts of Vilma du Tel
  • The Hotel Gritz presents different themes on its floors
  • Gomiluigi earns his place on the cover of the game
  • Luigis Mansion 3 bosses are the best in the series
  • The multiplayer exploits the cooperative to the maximum

Luigis Mansion 3 analysis for Nintendo Switch

A hero is not tied to the absence of fear. Although many think otherwise, fear is something that is present in all heroes to a greater or lesser extent. Mario  was afraid of losing  Peach  to  Bowser ; Link  trembled when he saw how the Guardians surrounded Zelda; Samus  feared they would experiment with the Metroid brood  , and so on. Fear is not something negative, it is necessary.

Not only because of the survival instinct that it gives us human beings (and other fictional characters), but because its presence allows us to overcome the challenges imposed on us every day and thus demonstrate our courage. The same one that Luigi demonstrates   in ‘ Luigi’s Mansion 3 ‘ for  Nintendo Switch .

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Some might think that I have taken something strange to write the previous paragraph, but since I am analyzing ‘ Luigi’s Mansion 3 ‘ I have not wanted to lose the opportunity to defend good  Luigi  and all the bullying that he receives on the network occasionally, not only as a second son, but for being a coward when it is the opposite:  Luigi  is one of the bravest characters in  Nintendo , since, despite all the fear that can be perceived by his tremors, he continues to firmly grasp his  Suctionents  to save his brother and whoever it takes.

Having said all this, I can only put sentimentality aside to fully get into the real heart: the breakdown and  analysis of  ‘ Luigi’s Mansion 3 ‘, which, I advance from now on,  has been the best installment of this saga released to date, as well as, despite the presence of great titles such as ‘ Astral Chain ‘ and ‘ Fire Emblem Three Houses ‘, a  serious candidate to be considered the best game of the year  for  Nintendo Switch .

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi will face the ghosts of Vilma du Tel

As is tradition, I cannot begin the breakdown of ‘ Luigi’s Mansion 3 ‘ if it is not with the argument of the title, which takes Luigi , Mario ,  Peach , Ectochucho  and 3 Toads  to the great Hotel Gritz , a location in the middle of nowhere and ruled by Vilma du Tel , an enigmatic character who seems very interested in this gang, as well as its employees. Under this premise, everything appears to be a dream paradise, but nothing could be further from reality.

Night fell and all the glow that emanated from the hotel disappeared; the employees put aside their kindness; the flowers faded, and the friends were trapped in pictures. Now there is no other solution but to equip the Succinct  on your back and with the help of Professor Fesor  start a new ghost hunt with the aim of rescuing Mario  and company, as well as fleeing from that gloomy place. This is when ‘ Luigi’s Mansion 3 ‘ begins .

Without being necessary to talk more about the plot, which is nothing to write home about (neither does it need it, although it is nice that you discover it for yourself), it must be said that, as I mentioned in the impressions  of Luigi’s Mansion 3 , the The game not only stars Luigi , but he is accompanied at all times by various elements that make this story more enjoyable, starting first with the Hotel Gritz itself .

Luigi’s Mansion 3


Luigi’s Mansion 3 Has The Potential To Be Nintendo Switch’s Best Game Of The Year

When I talk about the Hotel Gritz  as an extra character, I do not mean that at some point in the game it can be controlled as if it were a kaiju (it would be cool, but that is not what this game is about). On the contrary, its 15 floors (+2 basements) offer, first of all, a duration that, going to sack in the story, will take about 10-15 hours of play depending on the pace you have in solving the puzzles.

Now, far from what could have been monotonous scenarios that consisted of showing a normal and ordinary hotel, ‘ Luigi’s Mansion 3 ‘ chooses to offer its own charisma in each of its floors with themes of all kinds, be it the usual ones of these establishments, such as the reception, the garage, the rooms, the restaurant and leisure area, among others, or leaning towards the extravagant such as a medieval castle with its own coliseum, pyramids, a film studio and other oddities that occurred to him to the architect.

And the best of all this is not only reduced to that visual experience that involves seeing different worlds on each floor, as if they were from the realms of ‘ Super Mario Odyssey ‘, but they can all be completed in different ways, even giving rise to to different tributes or adaptations of disparate genres, such as a graphic adventure in one of them, an adventure game in the pure style of Tomb Raider  with areas full of traps, musical games … All of them perfectly adapted to the mechanics of ‘ Luigi’s Mansion 3 ‘.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

The Hotel Gritz presents different themes on its floors

Now, all that glitters is not gold, since the fact of presenting so many plants (I remind you that there are 17 in total), means that some are no more worked than others, but more lacking in ideas. For example, after floor 6 and floor 12, great creativity was noticed , but on floor 13 and, above all, 14, it was noticed either that there were no ideas to polish and expand them or that Next Level Games  was running out of time . Despite this, do not take this as something negative, since it does not weigh down the magnificent game that will be at this point.

In the same way, regarding the floors that make up the Hotel Gritz , I have to say that it is hard for me (see the joke) to choose which is my favorite, since I can perfectly have 8 options on the table that I think are very good, while the rest are between the good ones and the normal ones. However, put to risk, I would say that the one of the Film Studio  has been the best, but by little. And in the same way, not as a bad plant, but as the least favorite, I would say Calderas .

And having said all this, we must add to the Hotel Gritz  that not only limits itself to telling its own story, but within it you can find all kinds of collectibles that will require your insight to be found, since you will have to make use of all the tools, such as Succinentes itself  and its accessories. And when we talk about this, I think the time has come to tell you about the revealing character of this installment: Gomiluigi .

Luigi’s Mansion 3


Anyone who thinks that Gomiluigi is a simple green mucus, who is preparing to leave him with his mouth open

Getting a little melancholic, during the development of some games the team members try to add a cooperative mode to their stories, which generally results in two possibilities: that the single player mode becomes quasi-impossible or that the 2 player mode is outrageously easy. All this because most of these games are based on combat. Well, Gomiluigi  manages to achieve balance.

And it is that, not for nothing, Gomiluigi  has been a character that, the first time I saw him, I thought that it would be the typical extra that would be used two or three times and that, from there, it would be like a mere filler to sign up for the “novelty effect”. Given this I can simply say the following: Gomiluigi has closed my mouth . It’s unbelievable to the point that he and his interactions are the best that has ever been done in a Nintendo game .

First of all, the problems of not creating an imbalance between 1 and 2 players are solved by focusing the game on the puzzles (something I will talk about later) which makes the inclusion of Gomiluigi  in cooperative mode not return to the game anymore. easy, but two players will be able to think about the resolution of these at the same time that they will be able to interact with the environment without using the typical “leave me the command that you do not know”.

Gomiluigi earns his place on the cover of the game

Now, imagine for a moment that you choose to play alone. Well,  Gomiluigi will be just as entertaining to use, even giving him moments in which this character will have to be the one you handle, leaving Luigi  in “Pause Mode” while you challenge the different challenges that the game poses for you, which, in addition, it includes this in a masterful way in the form of a “fake tutorial” in which, without realizing it, you will learn to handle Gomiluigi  and all its characteristics.

For all this, I tell you from now on: whoever thinks that Gomiluigi is a simple green mucus, who is preparing to leave him with his mouth open . Now, before I have talked about Gomiluigi  and the other artifacts that Luigi has , which will be made up of the Succinct , capable of absorbing and blowing air (in addition to ghosts), abilities that will allow you to solve different puzzles; the strobombilla , which illuminates ghosts and led bulbs for hunting and solving more puzzles; the pacifier , which will act as a rope with which to move or destroy objects, and the deodorizer, with which to open new paths and defeat certain ghosts.

These objects will be used for the puzzles, giving play to another of the best characteristics of ‘ Luigi’s Mansion 3 ‘, which consists of being able to interact with everything on the stage, either to suck it, move it, hit it against the ground … which means that as the game progresses, it is necessary to discover which is the exact method to solve the puzzle. Is it Gomiluigi? Will we have to take that piece of furniture with the pacifier? What if I light up that hole? That is why the game may not give that freedom to carry out our actions as in other titles, but it does make us eat our heads thinking about the correct combination.

Luigi’s Mansion 3


The main enjoyment of the title is based on not knowing what to do in the puzzles

Now, with all that said, I can say something negative in this regard, not focused on the game itself, but on the player. And, as a good title for puzzles and exploration, its enjoyment is not based on fighting ghosts (which too), but on solving these riddles. This can cause that, if you know what to do, the title is not enjoyable at all, so if you want to get the most out of it, my personal recommendation is that you do not see anything before inserting it on Nintendo Switch .

On the other hand, if what you want is a challenge outside of solving puzzles, that role is perfectly covered by the bosses. And I’m going to be clear: if with the plants it was not clear which was my favorite, with the bosses the thing is complicated , since even in the areas that are more or less developed, the bosses are in charge of completely filling the deficiencies that may present. They are simply great and a real challenge not to beat them, but to figure out how to beat them .

This makes them, for the most part, the best parts of the levels and the times when we have the best chance of dying. In the same way, do not think that this means that the game in that aspect is difficult, since dying, unless it is a boss, is quite complicated because the enemies usually will not involve too many complications. However, remember that the difficulty of this game is not in the combat, but in its puzzles, so it is not a major problem.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigis Mansion 3 bosses are the best in the series

However, there is something negative to mention about the enemies: the abuse that is made of the blue ghosts . For you to understand this, very close to the end of the game, I had to see all the ghosts captured throughout the game, resulting in the total of the blue ones being double the sum of the other four, a figure that also offers little diversity.

If to that is added that each ghost color has a different way to be defeated, we have a great monotony in that aspect, although, at least, the blue ones can be equipped with different items , which gives it greater diversity. And speaking of the items, in the game there are the different collectibles , which will extend the duration of the game even more.

Whether in the form of jewels or Boo distributed equally in all the plants (no matter how big or small they are), getting them all will be the real challenge of the game , both due to the difficulty of the puzzles and riddles that they pose ( even coming out by pure chance) as well as the bad milk of the developers to put some in view without us being able to do anything to catch them by many methods that we think of (so that it ends up being the rarest that we can think of).

Luigi’s Mansion 3

The multiplayer exploits the cooperative to the maximum

Coming to the last sections of the game, I have to mention the Multiplayer Mode , which, due to online circumstances (the game has not gone on sale and therefore there is almost no one), I have not been able to enjoy all hours that I would have liked. However, I would like to mention at this point how entertaining it has been to play cooperatively in the Tower of Challenges mode , which presents us with different challenges with time limits and that will be pure fun, especially if you play with friends in instead of with anonymous.

On the other hand, Luigi Vs Luigi  does not finish finishing the job, being a competitive that is good for a while, but does not finish standing out as it should. Finally, I cannot finish without mentioning two basic sections, the first being the sound, which stands out again for its background music that will put us fully into the ghostly atmosphere of which the title boasts, as well as of the graphic section. And here I will be brief, but clear: the cinematics of ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’ are the best in a Nintendo Switch game .

With all this said, and as a summary, it is time to take stock of everything expressed with a couple of arguments that will convince those still undecided: Luigi’s Mansion 3  has the potential to be the best Nintendo Switch game of the year . It’s fun, it’s very well done, it has a more than charismatic protagonist and it manages to teach the player without going through unnecessary 1-hour tutorials.

Undoubtedly ‘ Luigi’s Mansion 3 ‘ is living proof that you can learn from the past and take the best of a saga to give us not only its best delivery, but also a great game that gives rise to, facing the future, it becomes one of those top Nintendo installments  with a generational title. A titan that has gone from being a launch title on Game Cube  to one of Nintendo’s flagships  at the height of Fire Emblem , Splatoon  and Animal Crossing .

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