Love letters to fall in love

Love letters to fall in love

We already know that men and women do not understand love in the same way. At the risk of falling into generalities, the truth is that women have very different romantic relationships than men and, therefore, we have different needs. This different conception sometimes leads to misunderstandings. So you could use a little help if you are thinking of writing a love letter for a woman. There are women who would like their children to be more attentive; others prefer more adventurers; there are those who want more romantic men; others want independence within the relationship; but others look for sensitivity and children who show their feelings? Every woman is a world, but, like men, they all like a handful of pretty words. That is why we have written for you a couple of love letters that every woman would like to receive at some point in her life. Do not think more and use our examples of love letters for a woman adding what you think your girl will like to hear or, in this case, read.

Love letters to fall in love

My princess,

I don’t know how to tell you how I feel about you, and that’s why I trust this love letter will help me express everything I have inside of me. It’s been a while since you broke into my life and transformed it in a way I never imagined. Because I’ve never felt this intensity of love before, this madness that makes me need you like no one else.

I can hardly believe how lucky I am to have found you, just at the right moment, when I already believed that there was no woman in this world destined for me, when I had already renounced true love and shared my life with a traveling companion to love above all else.

Because I love you above all, because I am capable of everything for you, and because I think you deserve all the love, but also all the adoration. So I will try with all my might to keep you by my side, loving and loving you as before, sharing love, laughter and plans.

And I can promise you my adoration, because I can put the world at your feet and I am the first to surrender to you, your smile and your skin. And I will be unarmed without any intention of moving from your side, because only you can handle this love. No one like you to have my heart and soul in your arms.

No-one like you.

Letter to my love

Hello my love,

I write this love letter in case you ever forget how much I love you and how much you are worth. I have fallen in love with that strong, real and intelligent woman that you are. Because I love your humanity, your determination and your way of seeing things.

I am clear that, since you entered my life, you revolutionized it. Until then, my way of understanding love had been limited to what is shown in movies and read in books. But when I met you, I realized that love, when it’s true, is very different. That romantic and traditional fairytale love doesn’t do us justice; it is not real or sufficient.

You have taught me that love is synonymous with affection and passion, but above all with respect and trust. I know you don’t need to be with me, just as I don’t need to be with you. And precisely what makes our relationship so great is that, even if we don’t need it, we both want it.

I like the relationship that we have managed to build. Although we are not perfect (as much as you know), we have managed to make a couple flourish in which there is no place for dependencies or yokes. From the beginning we have tried to build a happy “we” based on a “you” and a differentiated and independent “me”. We just want to live our love fully; a true love, healthy and away from the fears and pressures that they want to impose on us.

I would like to help you grow and bring you a little more happiness, just like you have since the day we met. We both know there is nothing stopping you, but I want to follow your steps to the top. You will have me here, at your side, proud of your multiple achievements and your continuous fight. Because, for a long time, you have become my role model.

Don’t be afraid, because you are worth a lot.

I love you.

Love letters to make a woman fall in love

If you give me the opportunity to enter your life, I promise that I will make you happy every day, and that everything you ask for will be an order that I must fulfill, because you will have become my eternal devotion.

If you give me the opportunity to have your kisses, I assure you that I will fulfill each of your wishes and I will put heaven at your feet.

If you give me the opportunity to be by your side, I guarantee that you will have given me to you as a man in love, whose only desire will be to see you smile and make you happy, even if it costs him his life.

Just give me the opportunity to love you to give you everything you once dreamed of and make you feel what you always wanted.

Before you entered my life, I did not know what love or joy was so great that my heart could feel, with gestures as small as a hug or a kiss.

Before you came into my life, I didn’t know what it was like to be in love and how beautiful it feels inside when someone wakes you up, at the same time, feelings of tenderness and passion.

Before I met you, everything was different, and now I can say that it is much better, because I have experienced what I had never imagined before and it has filled me with so much joy and happiness that my greatest desire is to keep the feeling alive for all eternity.


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