Look Alike | What does this expression mean?

The verb look is mega versatile and is used to form many phrasal verbs and expressions in English. For example, we’ve already talked here on the site about the phrasal verbs Look Ahead , Look Into and Look After , in addition to the expressions Look Forward To and Look On The Bright Side .

But today we’ll talk about look alike . That’s right, we didn’t accidentally add this little letter A. I say this because look like is a well-known expression, but what does look a like mean?

Look alike means “to look like” physically and can be used to refer to people as well as things and places. Want to better understand how to use this expression? So, see the examples below:

The twins look alike , but they differ in temperament.
The twins are similar but differ in temperament.

You and your father don’t look very much alike .
You and your father do n’t look much alike .

The children all look very alike .
All children are alike .

Broadly speaking, all these towns looked like .
Generally speaking, all these cities are similar .

My mother and I look alike in many ways.
My mom and I look alike in many ways.

They look so like that it’s easy to mix them up.
They look so much alike that it’s easy to confuse them.
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For the first few months the babies looked just like I couldn’t tell which was which.
For the first few months, the babies looked so much alike that I couldn’t tell which was which.

But pay attention! If you come across the expression written all together ( lookalike ) or with a hyphen ( look-alike ), then it will mean “double”:

Her new love is a lookalike of a celebrity.
Her new love is a celebrity lookalike .

See more celebrity lookalikes online.
See more celebrity lookalikes online.

She’s a Marilyn Monroe look-alike .
She is a Marilyn Monroe lookalike .

Faced with a row of look-alike singers, the audience must guess in which direction attention should be directed.
Facing a row of look-alike singers , the audience must guess in which direction their attention should be directed.

Today, you learned what the expression look alike means . How about forming a sentence with it and leaving it here in the comments? Oh, and don’t forget to add the phrases from this article to your Anki ! See you next time!

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