List of wedding preparations

At first it may seem easy, but organizing a wedding requires a millimeter-prepared timeline and several lists of things to do.To help brides who are going to start preparing everything for the big day, here’s a list of what should be prioritized, according to the time left for the big day:

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• 12 months before the wedding:

Between one year and eight months for the wedding, you must prepare a pre-list of guests. Also define the day and time when the religious ceremony and feast will be held and reserve the venues.

Make a formal invitation to the godparents of the religious and the civilian, as well as the pages and ladies.

Also let the buffet and menu be chosen and who will film and take the official wedding photos and musicians.

If you don’t have your trousseau yet, this is also the time to start preparing it.

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• 6 months before the wedding:

Start choosing your wedding dress, especially if you prefer one that is specially made for you.

Another tip is to look for travel agencies or search for packages and prices on your own to define where your honeymoon will be.

It is also recommended to define details such as the decoration and the musical repertoire for the wedding ceremony and party, as well as the hiring of bands, choirs and DJs. Also, choose the location and the professionals who will take care of your hairstyle and makeup.

Within six months, you should also research prices for the production of wedding invitations.

• 5 months before the wedding:

Finalize the guest list and already define the number of invitations that will be ordered. Also take the opportunity to order your bouquet and that of the flower girl, buy accessories such as garlands and shoes and order your wedding dress.

If the bridesmaids have a standard dress model, get together with them so that the model is chosen.

Within these five months, also book the vehicle that will take you to the church, confirm the civil marriage at the registry office and choose the wedding souvenirs.

• 3 months before the wedding:

Subscribe to the wedding invitations, make the list of the wedding shower and choose the flowers, arrangements on the party tables, the cake, the bride and groom and the lounge.

Do a search and choose some stores that work with a gift list, so that guests can buy everything more easily.

Finally, start distributing the wedding invitations.

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• 2 months before the wedding:

Two months out of the day, book the bridal shower, finish the trousseau, follow the preparation of the wedding dress and finish all the details for your Wedding Day, such as makeup and hair tests.

At this time, you should also reserve the place for the wedding night and arrange a rehearsal at the ceremony site.

• 1 week before the wedding:

This is the time to pack your bags for your honeymoon trip, do skin treatments and confirm all the services hired.

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When the big day arrives, you must wake up and relax, have a healthy breakfast so as not to overload your body and enjoy every moment of the day, from its production to the last minute of the party.

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