List of the best Telegram channels 2021

List of the best Telegram channels . Here is a selection of the main Telegram channels, the best alternative to WhatsApp .

Telegram is an instant messaging application that owes its success to multiple reasons: it guarantees privacy and security , allows the creation and use of bots , can be managed from any device (smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac) and offers the possibility of organizing public and private groups .

Not only that, this app in a short time has become quite popular thanks to its channels: let’s see what it is.


  • What are Telegram channels
  • How to find telegram channels
  • How to subscribe to telegram channels
  • How to share a Telegram channel
  • Search for files and download in a Telegram channel
  • Best Telegram channels
    • Newspaper telegram channels
    • IPTV and Football Streaming Channels
    • Telegram channels to download music
    • Channels for TV Series and Anime
    • Channels offered by Amazon
    • Prediction and betting channels
    • Telegram APK channels
    • Other Telegram channels to follow
  • Difference between Groups and Telegram Channels
  • How to use Telegram from PC to download

What are Telegram channels

The Telegram channels are the media to one output: unlike a classic chat, this is only the owner of the channel in order to post messages and content. Users who participate in the channel are limited to viewing the messages and sharing them.

For this reason , Telegram channels are used above all by companies and bloggers : their purpose is in fact to develop an ongoing discussion on some content, helping the people who follow them to learn new things, get to know a new brand, become attached to their own. way of presenting ideas.

In this guide we will discover together how to find the telegram channels to follow, what to do to subscribe and a list of the best Telegram channels divided by category.

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How to find telegram channels

Before illustrating this simple step, I must clarify the distinction between Public Channels and Private Channels :

  • In Channels Publiceverybody can participate simply by entering the channel name in the search field.
  • You can only enter the Private Channelsif you are added by the administrators or if you have an invitation link. They are also called Secret Telegram Channels.

To search for popular channels of this popular application, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the main conversation screen.
  • Click Search(magnifying glass icon at the top right) and type the name of the channel you want to join.
  • Browse the list that will appear under the heading Global search .
  • From the search results, select the Telegram channel you are interested in and click on the JOINlink .
  • Immediately afterwards you will see the words: You have joined this channel.

How to subscribe to telegram channels

As already mentioned in the previous lines, once you have found the channel of interest, to subscribe you simply have to click on its name and then on Join 

As for the Private Channels , however, it is necessary to click on the invitation link received from the administrator or be inserted directly by him with the add members option.

My advice, once subscribed to a channel, is to disable notifications (after opening the channel, click on the name of the venue, where you see the subscribers, and move the Disable switch from YES to NO ) or silence them (open the channel and go to the menu with the three dots at the top right and then press on Silence notifications for 1 hour, 8 hours, 2 days or forever).

These operations are recommended for channels that publish a large number of messages, in order to avoid receiving continuous notifications on your smartphone.

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How to share a Telegram channel

If you have a public channel , this will have a username and a link: for example . You can share this link with whoever you want, even in the social networks Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can add 200 members to your channel and when your channel reaches this figure, it will become autonomous.

If the channel is private (also called closed companies), you can only send the link to your friends.

Search for files and download in a Telegram channel

To search for content in a Telegram channel, just select the magnifying glass, located at the top right, and enter the name of the content searched in the appropriate box, at the top left.

To download the content, generally, just click on the button that appears in the channel window , or right-click and select Save file as … Then choose the destination folder and that’s it.

Best Telegram channels

Now that you have a complete view of what Telegram channels are and how they work, here are the channels recommended by Informarea and which are worth subscribing to.

Newspaper telegram channels

Among the best telegram channels for newspapers, magazines and books we have:

  • Ebook :a channel that offers multiple PDF books . With a simple tap you can download the book to read in epub format directly on your smartphone / PC.
  • Ebooks Italy: allows you to download ebooks for free. It is an ideal channel for those who love digital reading. Warning some contents violate copyright laws.
  • Espressonline :unofficial channel dedicated to Espresso , a famous weekly on politics, culture and economics. By subscribing to this channel, you will receive daily links to the articles on the Espresso website.
  • Lastampa :official channel of the famous newspaper, which publishes three news items a day chosen by the editorial staff.
  • La Repubblica :another channel dedicated to a famous Italian newspaper with news 24 hours a day .

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IPTV and Football Streaming Channels

On Telegram Italy we also have several channels to watch football matches in streaming for free and other sports:

  • Streamok official :channel full of working links to watch sporting events in streaming.
  • Football live streaming :a really useful channel for those who want to watch  sports and football in streaming . For each sporting event proposed, several links are posted as well as news from the main sports newspapers in PDF.
  • Streaming Football :Here you can watch all Champions League , Europa League, Formula 1 and MotoGP matches for free.
  • Serie A TIM :channel dedicated to Serie A, perfect for keeping up to date on the progress of the championship, the results of the individual matches and the standings.

Telegram channels to download music

Also on this app it is possible to download music, but beware those listed below are illegal Teelgram channels.

  • Vkm_bot: is a channel with a lot of music to listen to and download. Beware of copyrighted material.
  • Zenplayerbot: Search 100 million MP3 songs to download.

Channels for TV Series and Anime

Among the best telegram channels for TV series and Anime we have:

  • Italian TV Series :offers links to  stream current TV series , anime and cartoons in Italian or English with subtitles.
  • Your TV series: here you will find the quick download for the Italian and subita episodes of different TV series. This channel is not suitable for streaming but only for quick download with a simple tap.
  • Your Ita movies :on this channel you will instead have 5000 different films available (even in high definition) that you can quickly download to your device with a click.
  • L’Antro del Nerd: Anime & Manga :the ideal choice for lovers of anime and manga, who will be able to download the episodes of the most famous series.

Channels offered by Amazon

  • Offershere :a channel dedicated entirely to the best offers of the day Amazon in real time. You can also take advantage of exclusive discount codes.
  • Pricecut :this is another interesting Amazon Telegram offers channel dedicated to promotions on the products of the well-known shopping site, which provides real discount codes up to 70%. The exclusivity of these promotions is guaranteed by the fact that the administrators of this channel have direct contacts with Amazon suppliers, from which they receive coupons in advance.

Prediction and betting channels

  • Predictions Today :full of bets, analysis and daily predictions.

Telegram APK channels

If you are looking for channels to download free or discounted apps in APK format, here are the best channels.

  • AppPlexFree
  • FreeAppEu

Other Telegram channels to follow

Among the best telegram channels to follow I also recommend:

  • Informarea: If you want to stay updated on our guides and daily tech offers, then I invite you to subscribe to our official channel .
  • Trackbot :rather useful channel to be able to track your shipments for free and quickly. After entering the tracking code, the channel will check its location for you and notify you of updates.
  • Take us on a journey :ideal choice for travel lovers This telegram channel offers the best travel deals, giving you the possibility to combine flights and hotels to create complete and super convenient packages.
  • Offers bulletin board that can beactivated: to keep up to date on mobile and fixed telephony offers.
  • MTV Music :the Telegram channel dedicated to the well-known television channel entirely focused on music.
  • La Classica / Flac :if you are a classical music lover this is the channel for you.
  • Music Italy :a creative group in which a link to a song associated with a phrase or short description is published every day.
  • Poetry :the Italian telegram channel dedicated to the poetry of the greatest authors of all time.
  • Sapiens :here you can find contents of culture, science, history and entertainment.
  • GialloZafferano Recipes :this is the newsletter of the most important Italian recipe blog.
  • Eat Coupons: You can save at fast food by tracking down coupons and discounts from McDonalds and Burger King too.
  • Find a Job: Are you looking for a job to supplement your salary? Here you may find what might be right for you.

Difference between Groups and Telegram Channels

The Telegram Groups are perfect for sharing content with friends and family and can support up to 200,000 community members . You can make a group public at any time and enable permanent history for checking for new members and designating administrators .

The telegram Channels are a great tool for the dissemination of public messages . Each channel can have an unlimited number of members .

How to use Telegram from PC to download

If you need to download files from Telegram, whether movies or music, the advice is to connect to Telegram Web to take advantage of the Web version from PC. The Login screen will appear immediately, where you can enter your country and your phone number. Click on Next and enter the verification code that will come to you via SMS.

The interface that will appear is simple and intuitive: on the left you will find contacts and channels, on the right the section for chatting. Click on the channel you are interested in, do your research and have a good download.

Alternatively, you can also download the Telegram Desktop Application to install on your PC.


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