List of cheat codes for Farm Together

Grow your own farm on your own or collaborate with friends on this unique, relaxing farming experience. Start from scratch, with a small plot, and end up with a huge farm stretching further than the eye can see!How to activate and use several built-in cheat codes in Farm Together.


How to enable Farm Together cheat codes

  • In order for the cheats to work, you need to change the game launch options. It’s easy to do: Right-click the game in your library and select Properties > General > Set Launch Options.
  • Type “-cheats2” without the quotes, click OK, and close the Properties window.
  • Now you can start the game as usual, everything should look the same.

List of cheat codes for Farm Together

Skip time – skip ahead 5 minutes.

Enter the code ” timeskip ” on the keyboard during the game, your time will move forward 5 minutes. You can enter it any number of times in a row. All your fish, plants, flowers, animals, etc. will progress.

  • The seasons will evolve along with the day/night cycle.
  • If you are playing multiplayer, your time will not sync with other players, meaning that items may be in a state where they can be collected for you, but not for other players.
  • Fortunately, this does not affect the remaining time of work or promotion.

Ravpic is a screen capture tool.

Enter the code ” ravpic ” on the keyboard during the game, it hides the whole HUD. We believe the developers used this to create screenshots for the Steam store page. What is the advantage of this mode over photo mode? You are in complete control of your character.


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