List of all Grand Theft Auto 3 achievements

List of all Grand Theft Auto 3 achievements


  • First Day on the Job

Complete the Luigi’s Girls mission.

  • Pest control

Deliver all city services vehicles to the crane at the Portland Docks.

  • A marked man

Complete “Last Requests”.

  • Offshore Delivery

Complete A Drop in the Ocean.

  • Not so fast

Complete “The Exchange”.

  • A gift from the king

Complete Kingdom Come.

  • Man toyz

Complete all RC Toyz missions.


  • Hunting Season

Blow up 5 helicopters.

  • Disposing of the Evidence

Dispose of the vehicle in a junkyard.

  • Repeat Offender

Get arrested 20 times.

  • Street sweeper

Kill 100 gang members.

  • Population Control

Kill 1000 people.

  • If You Ain’t Cheatin ‘, You Ain’t Tryin’

Destroy 2000 cars.

  • By a Mile

Win the Turismo Race in less than 180 seconds.

  • Wreckless driving

Do the crazy trick perfectly.

  • Wheels Up

Make 20 unique jumps.

  • Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

Complete the missions: Patriot Playground, A Ride in the Park, Multi-Story Mayhem, and Gripped!

  • Where To?

Take 100 passengers by taxi

  • Blood in the streets

Complete all 20 Rampage missions.

  • Play fetch

Find and deliver all vehicles from the Portland Docks and Shoreside Vale vehicle import / export list.

  • Splish splash

Put out 20 fires in a row with a fire truck.

  • Playing Doctor

Complete the twelfth level of the Paramedic missions.

  • Going rogue

Eliminate 20 criminals in one Vigilante mission.

  • Dirty Money

Earn $ 1,000,000.

  • Right-hand man

Earn a 2500 crime rating.

  • Like a Boss

Earn a crime rating of 5,000 or higher.

  • Liberty city secrets

Find 100 hidden packages.

  • Is That All You’ve Got?

Complete the game 100%.

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