Lipstick. Lipstick, pencil of lips or blush, is a product cosmetic containing pigments, oils, waxes and emollients that give color , and texture to the lips.


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  • 1 Emergence
  • 2 types of lipsticks
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In Ancient Mesopotamia , women were possibly the inventors of the lipstick, crushing semi-precious jewels to decorate the lips and eyes. But a few years later, they used red clay , iron oxide , henna , algae , iodine, and bromine . The Romans, especially the upper class, also use lipsticks.

Lipstick has been with us for centuries, but without convenient packaging women couldn’t take it everywhere. In 1915 , American inventor Maurice Levy attached a solid lipstick to a sliding container and placed it inside a capped metal tube.

Types of lipsticks

  1. Matte: As the name implies, it has no shine or very little, giving an opaque look to the lips. This type of lipstick lasts longer and provides a high content of color pigments. It has the disadvantage of making the lips look chapped. It is ideal for thick lips.
  2. Creamy lipstick: This is the most popular texture. They provide a creamier and brighter finish than matte but are lighter. For being creamy they can hydrate the lips. They tend to last less time than the matte type.
  3. Pearl: The pearl lipstick is the one that highlights the mouth, makes it shine and gives it a touch of life and freshness, ideal for use at parties.
  4. Liquid with color: Liquid or gelatinous lipsticks are brighter than creamy ones. Their biggest disadvantage is that they do not last long and you have to constantly re-apply them. They are recommended for thin lips.
  5. Lip gloss: Add color and shine but almost transparent. They are ideal for people who do not like to look “made up” They do not last long and can be used on matte or creamy pencil to give them more shine.
  6. Durable lipstick: They are relatively new and promise many hours on the lips. The long-lasting pencil, as its name implies, can last between 4 and 8 hours, but it can become somewhat dry, so it is recommended to choose a hydrating one.


The lipstick is basically a mixture of oil, waxes and colorants. Likewise, sunscreen, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle substances are added to the mixture, and the number of components necessary for the production of lipstick can be increased.


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