Learn how to fight split ends in hair in 7 steps

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing those dry, split ends in your hair!

Split ends tend to bother many women. This is because when they appear, the only solution that appears to be the most viable is the worst possible: cut the threads, which become weak and so dry that they start to knot easily.

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And then there goes all your dedication to have longer hair! There is no point in insisting, as the split ends leave you dry and even with a “dull” and dull appearance…

But then I’ve been bringing a solution for you that is postponing the next cut. Did you know that scissors are not the only solution to this problem?

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If you adopt some changes in hair care habits, you will soon notice a significant change in the texture and quality of the hair. So, you will soon have a shampoo advertisement hair!

Before I reveal what these changes are, I want you to understand what are the main causes of split ends.

The causes of split ends

The tip of the hair is one of the oldest parts of the hair, that is, it has already faced a good part of the daily aggressions that, as a result, weakened the hair fiber and cause it to split into two or more parts.

One of the main causes of split ends in hair is dryness, which is directly related to the fact that they are the oldest part of your hair.

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But basically, the general cause of this problem can be explained as a mechanical and chemical wear on the surface structure of the hair.

Straightening, exposure to the sun, chlorine from the pool, constant use of a hairdryer, flat iron or baby liss and even food are some examples that can contribute and influence the appearance of split ends.

This is because they cause the hair cuticle – responsible for protecting the strands from external aggressions – to fragment.

Well, now I think you want to find out how to avoid split ends without having to cut your hair, right? Check out what are the 7 steps to follow!

7 steps to combat split ends :

1. Care when combing

The simple act of combing the hair can fragment the protective cuticle and cause split ends to appear.

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Especially if you are in the habit of slipping the comb or brush from the root to the ends at once.

So, when untangling the wires, the ideal is to start at the ends – the place where a good part of the tangled wires are found – and go up slowly towards the root as the knots disappear.

2. Moisturize your hair every week

One or two weekly hydrations help to avoid the dreaded split ends. After all, the creams used in these treatments serve to replenish nutrients and also the water in the hair.

For a better result it is interesting to opt for creams that have vitamin A and E , panthenol and Aloe and vera .

Also prefer the masks of intense hydration, the ones that you must spend from half an hour to forty-five minutes with the cream in the hair.

3. Care when washing your hair

Anyone who thinks there is no need to be careful when washing their hair and applying shampoo is wrong. The ideal is to rub the product in order to massage the scalp.

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Those who tend to wash the threads aggressively may end up contributing to the appearance of knots and, consequently, split ends.

After all, washing your hair should be a time to clean your scalp and also care for the hair along its length!

4. Drink water and take care of food

A poor diet, with foods low in vitamins and minerals also harms the locks.

To avoid the appearance of split ends it is interesting to maintain a balanced diet, containing the most varied foods and to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.

The reason for that? The hair fiber is composed of water, lipids, mineral salts and keratin, when any of these elements are missing, the wires break – and form the split ends – more easily.

Therefore, taking care of your food and drinking at least two liters of water a day helps to keep your hair more beautiful.

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5. Thermal protection

Can’t live away from brushes, flat iron and even baby liss? Invest in thermal protection.

The thermal protectors are products made to be passed on the hair before any more aggressive intervention like the ones mentioned above.

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They create an invisible layer that helps protect the cold from high temperatures, preventing harmful effects like dryness.

In addition, some thermal protectors still leave the hair shinier and provide a longer brush life – whether it is straight or curly.

6. Oil on hair

Take advantage of your sleep time to let argan , cashmere , avocado or coconut oils repair your hair.

Just spread one to three drops on the ends of your hair before going to bed.

While you are sleeping, the hair fibers will regenerate more quickly and efficiently because while the body is at rest they release hormones that contribute to the hydration process.

By passing the oil droplets on the tips you contribute to the natural effects of hair regeneration are even better.

 Capillary reconstruction

This treatment requires a visit to the salon and can be done once or twice a month.

Highly recommended for those who live doing chemicals in the locks such as dyes, lights and progressive and even for you who do not dispense with the hairdryer and flat iron for even a minute!

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Capillary reconstruction returns lost proteins and their natural moisture to the strands through deep hydration.

The goal is to rebuild the capillary mass and prevent the fibers from breaking, generating split ends.

Remember that each type of hair receives a specific capillary reconstruction, so the ideal is to ask the hairdresser to indicate which is the best treatment for your hair.


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