How to learn English from home in 10 steps

How to learn English from home in 10 steps

Are you thinking of learning English on your own? So this article will come in handy, because we are going to see how to  learn English from home in 10 easy steps.

Step 1: get organized

Before you get into English, take time to prepare all the materials you need. Choose quality materials, whether  printed  or  online ; also see that these materials are suitable for your level. It is important that you have everything ready before you get down to work so you don’t waste time looking for resources later.

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Step 2: plan

Once you have the materials, divide them into time and decide when you are going to work what. This helps you to motivate yourself and not lose a single one every day to think:  “Let’s  see … what am I studying today?” Eye, without haste. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals that are demanding but, above all, realistic.

Step 3: commit

This is the key step. Without it, everyone else will be useless. You have to commit to dedicate a minimum of daily time to English. If one day you can not be more than 15 minutes, may not be more than 15. But let it be at least 15 minutes every day. EVERYBODY. In  this article   we told you some tricks to focus and thus save hours in English.

Step 4: lock yourself up

When you start studying, it is important that you are in an isolated place where it is not uncomfortable to speak out loud. Simply because if you do not practice absolutely everything out loud you will learn to read English, not to speak English.

Step 5: release the pen

Writing is completely secondary. Don’t write when you are studying; The longer you are talking and the less you write, the better for your English. It is true that you have to work on the writing skill  , but with you dedicating 10% of your monthly study time, you have more than enough.

Step 6: listen

Listen, listen, listen. Listening is what you have to work on the most, because it is the basis of everything else. Think about how you learned your native language: you spent months listening before saying your first words and, of course, before reading or writing them. So listen to as much English as you can.

We recommend that, if you do not have a great level, you focus more on the radio, documentaries or TED talks than on movies and series, since the latter are much more complicated to understand and you run the risk of demoralizing yourself.

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Step 7: listen to yourself

Talking out loud is essential, as we have already mentioned. But if you don’t have a teacher to correct you, the most logical thing is that you make mistakes all the time. To avoid this, record yourself speaking English, listen to yourself and compare yourself with what a native would say. Yes, it suits, but it helps a lot, really. So you can identify your mistakes and prepare to work on them.

Step 8: review

The basic structures of English ( this , that , the verb  to be , the present simple, etc.) are used infinitely more on a daily basis than more complicated things like the third conditional, for example. As much as you progress with your English, be sure to review and pound the basics each and every day. It is not enough to know him; you have to know how to use it without making mistakes. Never go up to the next step if you don’t defend yourself firmly in the current one.

Step 9: vary

When you are studying, don’t do the same thing all the time, or you will get bored and English will become torture for you. Or directly you will leave it impossible. There are so many different exercises you can do, don’t spend more than 10 minutes doing the same thing.

Step 10: step out into the real world

Get your English out there, without fear. We know that it is very easy to say it, but really, since you do not overcome the sense of ridicule and start speaking English in real life, you will not succeed. Look for exchanges in your city, make native friends, whatever comes to mind! Jump in the pool and take the embarrassment away, or you’ll never be able to communicate easily.

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