Kindness Always Pays

Kindness always pays off and is a very important gift. It is something that can change the world and I firmly believe in it, so much so that I dedicate a part of my site to kindness . Yet it is less and less widespread.

In an age when we have little time and many demands, we have become unable to make a kind selfless gesture . Everything changes if certain courtesies can be useful to us because we think that kindness always pays if it is addressed to the right people. But the kind gestures that I mean are not the superficial ones, which hide interests and ulterior motives, but the authentic ones, which come from within and ask nothing in return.

Even children are no longer properly educated towards this quality. Of course, respect is still taught fortunately, but this is almost an obligation in civil societies. The kindness seems so unnecessary plays a minor role in education. Furthermore, there is the belief that if you do not have it by nature, it is impossible to teach.

Yet kindness always pays off and it is one of those teachings that are easily transmitted to children by good example. Unfortunately, parents themselves do not always show their children the beauty of kind gestures in relationships with other people.

Furthermore, being kind is often misinterpreted as a sign of weakness or ignorance.

In reality, being kind requires great strength of mind and a great love of neighbor.

Kindness Always Pays: Impact

” A single act of kindness takes root in all directions, and roots are born and make new trees .” Amelia Earhart

Few think of the impact of a smile or a word said at the right time. Not only does kindness always pay off but it has the power to change the mood of the people you meet and even the course of their life.

The kind people always stand out from all others because it is as if they left a noticeable mark in the memory of others. Maybe we don’t know their name, we don’t know anything about them but, if they used courtesy towards us, we will always remember them for this.

Didn’t you also rejoice to find someone who has been selflessly kind to you?

The funny thing is that we all would like to be treated with courtesy but very few do so with others. Wouldn’t it be nice, then, to be able to spread kindness all around each of us?

Not to mention that kindness always pays because it also makes those who offer it to others better. Let’s practice in this sense then. If we are not used to kindness we can start practicing it in small steps.

Whenever someone is nice to us, let’s commit to being nice to at least three other people in the same day. It’s just a game that costs nothing but teaches a lot.

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