The keys to success with nude style makeup

The time has come to wear a simple and natural makeup. The nude style triumphs by its subtlety. What does it mean? A hydrated skin, a balanced diet, use of warm colors and a concealer that adapts to the color of your skin.

A radiant and subtle aspect that wastes naturalness. Although many names have received in recent years, the ‘ no make-up make-up ‘ ( makeup without makeup ) or makeup style nude is here to stay. Models like  Irina Shayk, Doutzen Kroes and Bar Refaeli have already opted for this  beauty look  that seeks to achieve a radiant and bright look and, most importantly,  without noticing that you wear makeup. And if possible.

Your success? The key to nude style is based on hiding  small imperfections and highlighting natural points of light . An ideal alternative for days when heat or humidity can endanger any makeup . At a time when naturalness is present in many people, this minimalist makeup triumphs for a fresh and youthful look. Without excesses It’s about detecting your strengths, lighting them, giving them color and, above all, taking great care of your skin. Layers of makeup are no longer needed, but a good daily hydration, in addition to a balanced diet and enough time to make up subtly.

And, what should we not lose sight of if we want to get nude makeup ? One of the keys to achieve a smooth and healthy skin is hydration . You should also take care of your diet and the type of food you eat and its amount as this can directly affect your skin. Do not forget to use specialized creams depending on the type of skin you have. To have a perfectly hydrated skin it is important to use natural creams that prepare the skin surface, the one on which you will later put a simple makeup. The concealer , blushers or lip glossThese are other tricks that will help you strengthen the naturalness of your skin. Without an excess of tricks, simply with the subtlety of a makeup made to look in broad daylight.

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nude makeup could not be possible without careful skin. For this you will need to hydrate as much as possible. Hydration is one of the keys to achieve a smooth and healthy skin

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Maintain a balanced diet

The diet also influences the skin. In fact, we must pay attention to foods with properties that benefit our skin. An example of this would be those rich in vitamin C , especially citrus fruits and red fruits, which also have antioxidant properties. It is also important to maintain vitamin A levels , which we can find in fruits and vegetables with orange colors; as well as vitamin E and lycopene.

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Get blush and enhance your cheekbones

A little color on the cheekbones always favors and nude style makeup was not going to be less. You can start with the peach tones  applied at the top of the cheekbone. Being more neutral and warm, they favor that feeling of naturalness and subtlety.

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Use concealer and brighten your look

The perfect ally of a nude makeup is the concealer that helps us to give the skin a uniform appearance in a very subtle way. With the concealer we can cover wrinkles, soften ears and correct those small imperfections such as blackheads or spots. The most important thing is that you choose a concealer that suits your skin tone to maximize the idea of ​​the natural.

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Lip gloss to highlight the lines

The lips do not go unnoticed in this style of makeup. It is recommended not to put on makeup and bet on a gloss lipstick in a neutral or slightly darker tone than your skin to create contrast and achieve a healthy look .

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Bet on a natural eye shadow

Forget fantasy and flashy colors. In nude makeup the eye shadows should be as discreet as possible. Try a palette of browns, roses, ocher or even pearly . The mask and the eyeliner are also welcome, but always subtle and with a delicate stroke.


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