Key Features of an e-Business

E-business goes beyond the bounds of exchanging information about products and services with customers and suppliers. About using the Internet to transfer such information to in-house systems, business partners, branch offices, customers, suppliers, remote users, and the public. About the automation of e-business in-house and other methods. It allows e-business owners to use the information and technology to grow their business.

Seamless integration with accounting

E-Business provides for seamless integration with available information and accounting through technical resources. Information about the product, price and customer information can be extracted directly from the accounting to avoid time, errors and repetition of the information. Changes to prices, products and customer information are automatically updated. Orders can be downloaded directly to accounting for the processing of record time. Customer statements can be uploaded for online account research. All accounting practices are integrated into a single system for convenient access.

Functional product displays and information

With an e-business, it is possible to describe numerous products in detail because the text is unlimited. Product images can be uploaded to add visual representations of merchandise. Products can be sorted and classified by customers for easy access. Consumer online shopping behavior is versatile and the wealth of information provided, including the effective display of products and the layout of the site, can trigger consumers’ emotion-buying motivation.

Business to customer

Customers can login and view products, get new products, price changes, discount offers and get information about special offers. Customers can view their statements online and check source transactions. In an e-business setup, it is possible to regularly supply one set of customer prices and another set of pricing to new customers. Payment options can be varied to accept different payment and payment gateways such as credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. Customers can get online quote to confirm their order.


Companies engaged in e-business identify personalization as a key feature of e-business. Personalization is comprehensive and showcases product and information, product recommendations and reviews, product user driver customization and cover user personal data on a webpage. Technically, personalization uses dynamic page generation, cookies, data filtering and user profiling. The personalization feature can be used to enable e-business sustainability through the development of personalized user interfaces and processes.

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