Kefir: Benefits and Properties

If you want to provide your body with probiotics that help you improve your intestinal transit and balance the intestinal flora, Kefir is the best option.

The Kefir is a fermented drink very similar to yogurt and besides being recommended to treat various digestive problems, also used to fight bacterial infections and improve bone health, everything naturally!

Kefir Benefits

  1. It is the best food with probiotics, so it is very useful and effective to treat digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipationirritable bowel , gastritis, etc., because the live microorganisms present that make it up, help to balance the intestinal bacteria
  2. It is also effective in protecting our body from bacteria suchas Lactobacillus, H. Pylori, Salmonella and E. coli due to its high content of probiotics.
  3. It has enzymes that help the breakdown of lactosein the body, intolerance is caused precisely by the absence of these enzymes. In addition, bacteria present in it, convert lactose into lactic acid.
  4. Studies have shown that it can help the body to stop the growth of cancer cellsor tumors. This study notes that kefir extract reduced up to 56% of breast cancer cells.
  5. It has also been effective in its use to combat the annoying symptoms of allergies and asthma, as it helps the body to not overreact to those substances that alter it.
  6. Excellent source of calciumso it is very useful to combat osteoporosis and as it is a natural food and not a supplement or medication, its consumption does not affect the intestinal microbiota, but instead keeps it balanced.

Kefir Nutritional Value

It contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, B2 and D, protein, magnesium and carbohydrates.

¿ How is made kefir?

They are white grains and are formed in cultures of lactic bacteria and yeast, by adding milk to these grains, the microorganisms present act as a fermenter of the drink, thus the Kefir is obtained.

In its preparation you can replace the milk with water or coconut water, especially in cases where the person is lactose intolerant.

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