Kayser-Fleischer rings

The Kayser-Fleischer rings – named after the two doctors who first described them, at the beginning of the 1900s of the last century – are brownish-yellow rings that form around the cornea , in the space between the cornea the sclera, the whites of the eye.
The Kayser-Fleischer rings are made up of copper deposits, an element that provides their characteristic color. This disorder is the symptom of Wilson’s disease and, more rarely, of some liver-related disorders.

What are the remedies for Kayser-Fleischer rings?

The Kayser-Fleischer rings are treated according to the disease that is their origin. The first step is therefore to identify the cause of the formation of the rings and then take action on this.

What are the diseases associated with Kayser-Fleischer rings?

The disease associated with the Kayser-Fleischer rings is:

  • Wilson disease

 Kayser-Fleischer rings, when to contact your doctor?

In general, Kayser-Fleischer rings can be identified through the use of a slit lamp, used by the specialist during an eye examination. Cases where the rings are visible even to the naked eye should be brought to the attention of the attending physician.

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