Jumping Rope:6 Fantastic Benefits And How To Do It

Jumping rope is a complete aerobic exercise. it exercises the entire body. By constantly jumping rope you will be able to keep your body fit and healthy. it stimulates many muscles and is excellent for blood circulation .If you want to work out without going to the gym, jumping rope is the ideal sport for its simplicity and ease. In addition, you just need to learn about techniques and types of jumps.

Jumping Rope:6 Fantastic Benefits And How To Do It

Benefits of Jumping Rope

  • Tone the muscles : Do not think that the benefits of skipping rope are limited to weight loss alone. Heels can improve the muscle tone of your legs and the entire lower body. It is common for you to experience some leg pain in the early days of jumping rope, and this is because all the muscles are devoting themselves to performing the work required to perform the exercise completely. In a few days you may notice that your muscles will adapt to the jumps, and because of these “damages” for repair, the muscles become larger and stronger compared to the initial period.
  • Improves bone density : It may not be a current problem, but why not avoid future consequences to your bone structure? Of course, jumping rope can contribute to the health of your bones, thus improving their composition, structure and density. Think and enjoy the benefits of skipping rope now and in the future.
  • Improves blood circulation: The movement generated when we jump rope directly benefits our circulatory system. The heart works to fulfill the pumping of blood to the whole body effectively. It also circulates through the arteries, which decreases the risk of a heart attack or arrest.
  • Improves cardiovascular health: This benefit holds true for both women and men. Exercise over time decreases your blood pressure and your resting heart rate while increasing your body’s oxygen consumption.
  • It develops lung capacity: That is, your lungs will be more efficient, facilitating breathing and avoiding respiratory diseases. Also, another of the benefits of skipping rope is that it increases physical stamina.
  • Eliminates toxins : When we choose this exercise, we expel the toxins from our body through sweat. These allow cells to regenerate and function properly.
  • Help in weight loss : Jumping rope is a very complete exercise, because it works the whole body at once, besides being a great option for cardiorespiratory. Cardio exercises serve to strengthen the lungs, heart and improve the breath. Energy expenditure is high and therefore weight is lost. The exercises should be continued.

Of course each body is unique and one can not make comparisons but if you seek to have follow up from the nutritionist and a trainer, surely the practice of skipping rope will accelerate your weight loss and benefit your body in much more.

How to start the exercise?

If you’re going to start jumping rope, you have to start slowly and gradually increase. This to avoid injury and pain.

With a good technique and the correct position to jump rope, you will be able to master the exercise quickly.

  • 1. Keep your head upright and looking forward, not down.
  • 2. The knees should be slightly bent and the trunk straight.
  • 3. The elbows should be close to the body.
  • 4. To hit the rope, do it with your wrist, that is, not with your arms.
  • 5. Wear comfortable footwear with a suitable sole to cushion the jumps.
  • 6. Leaps can be between 3-4 centimeters. To jump, you must take impulse with the tips of the fingers and, when falling, also leaning on them.

Beginner Tip: For 3 times a week

Jump rope and stop a few minutes to rest.

  1. First week: 4 sessions of 25 jumps
  2. Second week: 4 sessions of 30 jumps
  3. Third week: 4 sessions of 35 jumps

As your body becomes accustomed to exercise, you can gradually increase.

You should start with basic exercises, then you can increase the time and add more leaps to your workout. That way, you’ll find it easier to jump, and at the same time you’ll enjoy it more.

Among the different types we have: Basic leap with feet together, alternating with one foot in front, leap alternating knees, opening and closing legs, leap with alternating heels and lateral displacement.

Rope training circuit

What do you need

  • mat
  • pair of shoes with a high damping power
  • sports bra for adequate support
  • stopwatch
  • skipping rope
  • anklets for toning exercises (if you are trained)

How to run the circuit

Perform the exercises in this order :

  • rope
  • reverse lunge
  • rope
  • bridge on one leg
  • rope
  • side leaps
  • rope
  • hip abduction.

The duration of the effort is 3 minutes for jumping rope and 30 seconds for each toning exercise (always interspersed with 30 seconds of rest between one exercise and another). So you don’t have to count the number of repetitions you do, but use a stopwatch to time your training.Once you have completed the circuit, do 5 minutes of stretching and then repeat it with the other leg.

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