Joke virus

Joke . It is a type of computer virus, whose objective is to create some annoying or humorous effect like a joke. It is the type of malware that causes the least damage to the computer.


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Jokes are not exactly a virus, but rather a harmless program that simulates the actions of a computer virus on our computer. Its objective is not to attack, but to play a prank on users, making them believe that they are infected by a virus and that its effects are being revealed. Although their activity becomes annoying, they do not really produce harmful effects.


It is very likely that you will recognize a joke as malware. On many occasions, it does not allow it to be executed, in which case, if you want to run the joke, you must deactivate the antivirus before doing so, or, if the antivirus gives the possibility, allow the joke to access the computer.

Joke effects

The jokes produce very varied effects:

  • There are a lot of jokes that do effects on the cursor. For example, wobble it or change its icon every few seconds
  • Others play directly with the image on the monitor, spinning it or giving a shake effect
  • There are also some that constantly open and close the CD or DVD tray, while displaying humorous messages on the monitor.
  • Sometimes a joke can produce effects that can be scary at first, placing an image on the monitorin which, for example, it appears that the computer has been completely formatted.
  • Sometimes there may be jokes that make a question appear on the screen with a single answer, and later show an annoying message all over the screen.
  • There are also those that make an annoying element appear on the screen, such as a fly or a frog
  • Finally, we find jokes that make an exaggerated number of windows appear that the user is forced to close one by one
  • Likewise, jokes of any kind can be created, it all depends on the imagination of its creator.
  • Of interest: Any joke can be closed with the Task Manager ( Windows) or the System Monitor ( Linux-Gnome )


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