Why did Jesus choose Judas?

jesus chose Judas because he knew he was part of God’s plan. No one forced Judas to betray Jesus but when he made that choice he fulfilled the prophecies.

Jesus did not make a mistake. Before choosing the 12 apostles, he prayed for an entire night! ( Luke 6: 12-13 ) Jesus personally chose each apostle to be part of an intimate group of future church leaders. Judas received a great opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Jesus knew that a friend would betray him. This had already been prophesied ( John 6: 70-71 ; John 13:18 ). He knew what was going on in each person’s heart. But Jesus also knew that he needed to die and be resurrected for our sins. That was his mission. He knew that the devil was going to use Judas to try to destroy his ministry but that God was going to turn the situation around. Judas’ betrayal was already included in the plan.

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Did Judas have a choice?

Yes, Judas had a choice.

Jesus saw wickedness growing in Judas’ heart but he gave him every opportunity to change his destiny. Before deciding to betray Jesus, Judas learned from him about God’s love and forgiveness, saw great miracles and even preached the gospel, along with the other apostles! ( Matthew 10: 5-7 )

Jesus treated Judas as a friend and showed him the way of truth. He even warned Judas of the danger of his betrayal ( Matthew 26: 23-24 ). Judas knew that he could resist the devil, just as Jesus had done in the desert. But when Satan tried Judas, he chose to give in to temptation . For the love of money and the influence of the devil, Judas betrayed Jesus.

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No one forced Judas or took away his ability to understand. The name of the traitor was not written in the prophecies. Jesus only openly said that Judas was the traitor at the last supper, when he had already decided to betray Jesus. It was Judas ‘decision but God had already seen that it would happen and changed the situation, using Jesus’ death and resurrection to save the world.


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