“Java SE binary not responding” error – Minecraft Solution

Many Minecraft users worry about the “Java SE binary not responding” error. This problem prevents the execution of this video game and causes a forced closure of it. Therefore, it is necessary to find an effective solution. In this article we explain everything about the Error “Java SE binary not responding” – Minecraft Solution

What is the “Java SE binary not responding” error?

The “Java SE binary not responding” error in Minecraft is a bug that prevents the game from working properly on the platform where the application is running. This error appears in a window in which the user is forced to click “Close the program.”

Minecraft runs under the Java application. For this reason, the game stops working when the error “Java SE binary not responding” occurs. It is important to note that this problem can occur in all Java-based applications or only in Minecraft.

Why am I getting a “Java SE binary not responding” error in Minecraft?

The “Java SE binary not responding” error can occur for multiple reasons such as a problem in the video card drivers that conflict with the Java platform in its standard version.

Also, the “Java SE binary not responding” error can occur on a PC containing an outdated version of the Java Runtime Environment software . Therefore, it is essential to download, install and update Java to the latest version . On the other hand, it is possible that the origin of the failure that prevents the operation of Minecraft is due to the presence of errors in the Java cache.

“Java SE binary not responding” error – Minecraft Solution

The “Java SE binary not responding” error in Minecraft is not unusual. Sometimes the problem occurs when there are flaws in the version of Java that has been installed in Windows or when the system tries to run an outdated video driver . Next, we explain the steps you must follow to solve this error.

Check the version of Java installed on your PC

First of all, it is convenient that you check the version of JRE or “Java Runtime Environment” that is installed on your computer. To do this, type in the Windows browser “Java Plug-in” and access the application .

Click on the “About” tab and go to the Java website to check for the latest version of Java available.

Download the Java application

If you have not previously installed any version of Java, you must go to the official Java website and select the Java Runtime Environment or “JRE” application . Select the version of your operating system and press the “Download” button. Wait a few seconds for the installer to download on your PC. In case you want to install Java in any version of Ubuntu, you must update its package using the terminal.

Later, open the executable file for you to install the Java application on your computer. You will get a component or plugin that contains the Java virtual machine and platform libraries for this application.

Clear the Java cache

You can also clear the Java cache to resolve the Java SE binary not responding error in Minecraft. This action forces the browser to download the latest version of programs and web pages. To do this, go to the Java application and click on “Settings”.

You will see a new Temporary Files Settings window. Press the “Delete files” button and press “OK.” In the confirmation window, check the boxes for “Trace and Log Files,” “Cached Applications and Applets,” and “Installed Applications and Applets.” Finally, press the “OK” button.

Update the video driver

If you have an outdated video driver, this is likely the cause of the “Java SE binary not responding” error. To solve this problem, check all the information regarding the graphics card built into your PC .

Go to the official website according to the manufacturer of your video device (Intel, NVIDIA, Radeon ATI) and locate the “Downloads” or “Drivers” section to update the video graphics card without programs according to your operating system.


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