How to disable or remove read-only mode in OpenOffice easily

OpenOffice is one of the best Linux applications for managing files. However, when certain files have permission settings, users cannot edit their documents. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to disable or remove the read-only mode in OpenOffice easily

What is read-only mode in OpenOffice?

The read-only mode in OpenOffice is an attribute that allows the display of the content of a file but prevents its editing, that is, the application of changes and their storage.

What is read-only mode for in OpenOffice?

The read-only mode in OpenOffice allows you to protect your documents in order to avoid their modification . In this way, the OpenOffice file will remain intact by preventing the recipient from editing the configuration and its original content.

The read-only mode is very beneficial for authors who want to apply limited permissions to the recipients that access OpenOffice files. Therefore, it is common to apply full control of files and limit their editing by allowing read-only mode .

How to disable or remove read-only mode in OpenOffice easily

You may have saved a document with a password or in read-only mode. In this case, you cannot apply changes or use the editing tools . However, it is possible to remove the read-only mode from a Word document and from OpenOffice. To do so, follow the steps that we explain below.

Disable read-only mode

Open the file from the corresponding application in OpenOffice. Later, locate the option “Tools” that you will find in the menu bar and select “Options”.

Search for “” and choose the option “Security”. Uncheck the “Read-only mode” box and press the “OK” button. Close the application and reopen the document.

Change file attributes

Go to the “Document content” section and right-click on the table of content section. Select the option “Edit index / table”. Check the box “Protected against manual modifications” and press the “OK” button.

Close the OpenOffice application and reopen the document. You can see that the read-only mode has been disabled.

Modify the file attributes

You can remove the read-only mode on an OpenOffice file through the system options. To do this, press the secondary button of the mouse on the document and select “Properties”. In the “Security” section, modify the attributes by checking the allow “Full control” box . Finally, press the “OK” button.

Save the file again

You can also create a copy of the file to remove the read-only mode . To do so, click on the “Save As” option and give the file a new name. In this way, you can deactivate the read-only mode. Once you do this, you can convert the OpenOffice document into Microsoft Word if you need to.

Did you receive an attachment via e-mail?

If you received an attachment via email “e-mail”, you will have two options: open or save the file. If you open the file, then OpenOffice will save it to a temporary location and you can view it in read-only mode.

To avoid this action, choose “save the file” to select a location and save it to your hard drive. Finally, open the file in OpenOffice and check if read-only mode is disabled.

Access the file options

Open the file from the corresponding OpenOffice application and select the “Edit file” option found on the toolbar. Apply all the changes you need to the file and proceed to save it as a new document. Creating a new document will bypass the original read-only file restriction .


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