Jar is a container of the family of glasses with “gathered neck” and usually of small size and manufactured in glass . Its most widespread use is for various types of liquid , and as a container for powdered substances , pills , capsules , etc.


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  • 1 Etymology
  • 2 Closure of a bottle
  • 3 Format
  • 4 Utility
  • 5 Importance
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It comes from the Germanic * flaskô with the meaning of a wicker cover for a bottle and also designated the bottle. From Germanic it went to Old German as “flasca” or “flaska”. And from there it spread to vulgar Latin as “flasco”. It is believed that he entered Spanish through the Italian “fiasco” which means bottle or “fiasca” which means bottle .

Close up of a bottle

  • Of threadwhich is the most common having a stopper inviolable or not.
  • Of adjustmenthaving a cover also of glass that is often attached to a device that conforms to his mouth .
  • Of aerosol.
  • Dropperwhich is a small bottle with a dispenser formed by a long and thin glass that one of its ends has a small hole and the other a rubber device . When tightened, it allows the liquid to enter the small tube and when it is tightened again, it is released wherever it is available.


It usually has different formats, although the cylindrical one is the most common. However there may be forming species of sculptures such as those used in perfumes . There they show off different designs such as flowers , or simply forms specifically created for the fragrance .


  • Perfumeryfor example, perfumes , creams , cosmetics , paints or painting of nails , among many others.
  • Medicineand Pharmacy for syrups , injections , lotions , etc.
  • Foodfor the preservation of foods such as sauces , jams , sweets , oils , etc.
  • Herbalistto capsules of Phytotherapy .

This word is also used to refer to the glass that was usually made of horn , in which gunpowder was carried to load the shotgun .


Glass containers can help provide the product with greater protection, both in handling and marketing processes, since the product can often be damaged or contaminated. Packaging is of utmost importance for the sale of the product, it not only serves to transport the product from one place to another or to provide protection to the content, but it can also be one of the best sales tools . The product, when it is found only in supermarkets, must have the design and presentation to be sold only, for this reason the importance is given to the packaging. Containers can be made of various materials such as glass , plastic , cardboard , among others; but glass is one of the materials that provides greater visual cleaning of the product as it allows the product to be fully visible to whoever buys it . Another of the functions of glass containers is that, through this, it manages to attract customer attention . Many housewives buy certain products that are packaged in glass, not for the quality or price of the product. but for the applications or uses that they can give the container once it is empty.


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