How To Jailbreak The Iphone;5 Facts And Tips You Must Know

Jailbreak the iPhone means removing the system restrictions imposed by Apple on its smartphone and installing apps from unofficial stores.The Jailbreak is a procedure that allows you to unlock access to iPhone files and allows you to install applications from a different online market than the Apple Store .

How To Jailbreak The Iphone;5 Facts And Tips You Must Know

How The Jailbreak Process Works

The iPhone memory consists of two partitions:

  • System partition (“/”): Default set at 500 MB. It can be modified during the creation of custom firmware in the jailbreak process. This partition contains the operating system and the various applications via cydia and installer.
  • Storage partition (“/ var”): It is wider space on the memory.Here various programs are installed by the store and all the multimedia files such as (music, videos, photos,).

The most used procedure  jailbreak makes installation of Cydia application find on the smartphone. It is a sort of gateway for administrator permissions. After installing Cydia the user will be able to customize the device with new themes  that will directly affect the iPhone source code.Through Cydia it will also be possible to download the applications that are not usually present on the App Store.

Jailbreak types

The Jailbreak, can be divided into two types:

  • Tethered , which implies the connection to the computer for each device restart;
  • Untethered , which does not have the limitation of the tethered jailbreak.


Currently the execution of the Jailbreak is rather advantageous for some reasons, including:

  • Installation of custom themes;
  • Installation of extensions (called tweak) that allow you to take full advantage of your device;
  • Unlocking the telephone part of foreign iPhones.

Is it always possible to jailbreak?

No, it is not always possible. Apple continuously releases new iOS updates that hinder the jailbreak. Only some versions of iOS can be unlocked and to find out what they are or if the one you have installed on your device.

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