Is vanity a sin?

Vanity is sin when it takes God’s place. It is not wrong to get dressed but it shouldn’t be the most important thing in your life. Your appearance can become an idol. Your pride should not be in your appearance or in people’s opinion of you.

Vanity is also a sin when you think you are superior to others because of your appearance. False modesty is also vanity, because it also ends up judging others by their appearance ( Colossians 2:18 ). When you dress up, it doesn’t make you better or worse than someone else. Messy people can also be vain.

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To worry too much about other people’s opinion of you is vanity. The way other people see you is not as important as how God sees you. It is useless to try to keep up appearances just because of other people’s opinions. Get ready for other reasons. God loves you, no matter how much you dress up.

How to leave vanity?

Put God at the center of your life. Remember: your appearance is not the most important thing in your life. It’s just a detail. God is more concerned with his interior than with his outward appearance ( 1 Samuel 16: 7 ). Whoever is focused on the things of God has no time for vanity.

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Worry more about pleasing God with your way of thinking and acting. True beauty comes from within ( 1 Peter 3: 4 ). Do not completely neglect your appearance but do not let it become an obsession. Try to find a balance and do everything to glorify God. That’s the most important.


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