Is smoking a sin?

The Bible does not say whether smoking is a sin but it warns us that we should not be overcome by addictions ( 1 Corinthians 6:12 ). Smoking is an irresponsible attitude towards the body, because it can cause many serious illnesses. The Bible teaches us to respect our bodies.

Smoking is addictive. The vast majority of smokers cannot stop easily. The body gets used to smoking and “wants” more. In the first weeks and even months, many who try to kick the habit suffer headaches, dizziness, stress …

Addiction distorts priorities. Addiction can take God’s place in your life. Anyone who “needs” to smoke is hooked. For some people, smoking can become more important than their health or paying their bills.

Smoking is bad for the body. In the past 50 years smoking has been proven to cause many illnesses, from minor problems like throat infection to fatal diseases like cancer. It is not good to do things that destroy your body ( 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20 ).

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Smoking is a bad example. Many people who smoke started because their friends smoked and most smokers are addicted. Your example can invite others to be trapped in an addiction that can kill them. Worse, if you smoke regularly in the company of other people, you are threatening their health! Inhaling the smoke of other smokers is also bad for your health. The Bible teaches us that we should be concerned for the welfare of others ( Philippians 2: 4 ).

For those who know these things, it is clear that smoking is not good, neither for you nor for the people around you. The best attitude to take is not to smoke. Don’t give in to the pressure, you don’t need to smoke to integrate and you won’t miss anything interesting by not smoking.

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How can I stop smoking?

To quit smoking, ask God for help. If you have not yet accepted Jesus as your savior, invite Jesus to live in your heart. Ask for forgiveness for being stuck with addiction and believe that He can set you free ( John 8:32 ; John 14: 6 ). God wants you to live free from addiction.

Resist the temptation. In Jesus you can resist ( James 4: 7 ). Avoid situations where temptation is greatest. Seek help to get rid of addiction. Talk to your pastor or leader about the problem. If you find it very difficult to quit, also seek professional help. There are many good programs that help people to stop smoking. You are not alone on this journey.

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