How the insurance system can provide financial security

Uncertainty is the biggest truth in human life. That is why people want guaranteed security. The insurance system can provide some degree of security. Can promise a clean and secure life for the family. The key is to ensure maximum security with minimal investment. Elderly, death and tragedy and disability in human life must occur at any time in any human life. In this case, the insurance plan can take on these responsibilities. The benefits of this are mentioned in three stages.

3) In old age / in retirement life.

– Cash is an opportunity to receive money

-Payment for lifetime pension.

-Easy and earthly peace. Enjoy freedom

– Repair / construction of land, buildings, houses, doors.

– Religious and historical places to visit.

– Traveling abroad and meeting relatives.


2) Premature death: –

– Earnings assurance on a monthly / annual basis

-Policy receipt with full money

-To educate the children on the demand of the family

-To cover the cost of getting married.

3) Accidents and Disabilities: –

– Cash to meet urgent needs

– Medical expenses incurred

– Dealing with unemployment

– Creating new jobs through change of profession

– Creating business opportunities

-Purchase other necessary things to deposit.

After all, by planting a tree, the family can be told that the plant will grow and give fruit, and if you survive, I will enjoy you. And if I don’t, you will enjoy. Without planting trees, it cannot be said to enjoy the harvest. Insurance is what you can do, leave a signature on the insurance cover, happiness, peace and financial security for the family. And without signing the insurance form, you can leave financial troubles and great frustration for your family. You have to decide what to do.

by Abdullah Sam
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