How to install fonts on Windows 10 and MacOS

Today I will explain how you can install fonts on your PC, Windows or Mac, in a few simple steps. You can use the fonts installed not only in Word, but in all other applications where you can write text, because, after installing a font, this can be exploited by all the programs that allow you to write (e.g. photo editor, editor videos, etc.)

Download new fonts for Windows 10 and Mac OS

The best site I have found to download new fonts on Windows 10 is . Downloading fonts from this site is simple and immediate. Once you have found the font you were looking for, using the search bar, or using the navigation menus on the site, simply press the DOWNLOAD button on the right of the site.

You can follow the same procedure if you are on a Mac system, with MacOS installed.

Download the archive in a folder at your convenience. In a few lines I will explain how to proceed with the installation.

Where to use the new fonts

The new fonts that you are going to install you can use them in any program. Any program will recognize the new fonts you are going to install. With this type of installation we will add new fonts to the list of system fonts. The new fonts can be used on programs for writing, for editing photos and videos, and more.

You can find the perfect font to make your memes to be published on social media, or recreate a Star Wars-style theme, with a video editing program, by downloading the “Start Jedi” font which is the typical font found in all the famous saga of George Lucas. But you could also take advantage of the new fonts to create birthday, anniversary, wedding cards with PhtoShop, or other similar programs: on the net you can find different “pre-made” models on which you can unleash your imagination, or simply take inspiration.

Install new fonts on Windows 10

On Windows 10, you have to go to the folder where you downloaded the ZIP file from the website mentioned above, and extract its contents. Once this is done, open the folder you just extracted from the ZIP, and double-click on the file that has the .ttf extension. A screen similar to the following will open.

At this point, you have to click “Install” on the top left, and you’re done. Now you can open your favorite text editor, and experiment with the new font you have installed, choosing it from the fonts available on the system. The font will be installed along with all the others, and you won’t have to repeat the installation procedure in the future.

If, after installing the font, you cannot find it among the available fonts, restart the computer to allow the system to finish the correct installation.

Install new fonts on Mac OS

Also on Mac OS, you have to unzip the ZIP archive downloaded from the site, and double-click on the file with the .ttf extension. At this point, you will notice that the “Book Font” application will be opened (top left). Just click on the “Install font” button and you’re done!

Again, if the font is not immediately made available among all the other fonts on the system, just restart the computer.

Other websites to download fonts

Dafont is, in my opinion, one of the best. You will hardly not find what you are looking for. But if that happens, I’ll leave you the link to some other portal that works the same way as dafont. Just search for your desired font, and find the download button to save the ZIP archive on your computer


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