Instagram dictionary ( Most Used Terms In Instagram)

If you are a user of this social network, you will know that from time to time new terms expressions, popular hashtags and fashion terms appear .

That’s why with this Instagram dictionary you will understand what each of the terms that are mentioned daily means in this great platform of photos and videos. Surely it has ever happened to you that you did not understand a certain publication or trend topic, now you will solve all your doubts.

Here you will find the most basic instagram dictionary , the most used terms, fashionable hashtags and  all the instagram filters  explained one by one.


Basic vocabulary

Personal profile : This is your identity, which consists of your name, a brief description of the biography and a photograph.

publications : all photos and videos you upload to the social network.

Followers ( Followers ): Users who follow your activity (publications) and see your activity on the network.

Influencers : users who have many followers with some credibility that cause a lot of interaction with their publications.

Followed By : Users that you choose to follow for some reason.

Comments : the part of the text that we write under the title of the publication.

Hobbies : A system of interaction that demonstrates your interest or enjoyment in publications.

Explorar : a search function that allows you to find other users on Instagram (profiles).

User tag (@ character) : Specify the user in a specific publication. When you type a person’s name after a sign, you name it directly.

#hashtag instagram : is a thematic content grouping tag to identify content.

For example, if you enter #dog to indicate that photos or videos belong to this group, when other users use the same tag, the content is grouped around a hashtag.

Users can search for specific hashtags and find their thematic content.

Filtros : without a doubt the most popular feature of the platform, it is used to retouch and edit photos before publishing them. You have 23 filters, in addition to frames and other amazing effects. Below I will explain all the filters for instagram.

Direct: This is a feature that allows you to send photos privately to one or more users. In this guide, I explain in detail what Instagram is direct and how it is used

All popular Hashtag on Instagram


This term is very famous because more than 1 million photos have been tagged with this hashtag. Users use it to upload old photos from the past and are usually used on Thursdays each week.

The term in English means Throwback Thursday and supports the publication of photos from childhood, personal historical moments and everything related to the past. Here you see a detail of What hashtag #tbt


This tag is becoming more widely used and refers to the content of Friday’s publication. It’s basically like recommending your Friday to others or an interesting plan that someone has commented on.


It is an abbreviation of the English term ” woman crushes the middle ” and used in the middle. Users share photos of women they admire, from their mother, cousin, actress, singer, grandmother to the big screen hero.

# F4F

With more than 130 million posts, this brand is very popular and users often use it. It means ” Follow to follow ” And literally it means “follow me and I’m watching you”, internet users use it to get followers on Instagram quickly and for free Instantly


In English, it means ” My ass laughs,” and a rough vulgar translation would be “split my eye” or “die laughing.”

As you probably guessed, this tag is used in content that is fun and entertaining. Many of these publications eventually become viral, so users tag their friends with #LMAO to make them laugh.


As the name suggests, Petstagram is used to identify pets. Search this popular hashtag and you will see more than 27 million videos and photos of cats, dogs, hamsters and rabbits.


This term is also called Rescheduling of fueling It’s the equivalent sharing on Facebook or tweet on Twitter repetition. Users repost or share other people’s content on their own profile, but you should always mention the author and the original source.

You can learn to do repeat Instagram easily using several tools, even from your computer.


With millions of 9 publications, this hashtag is used to take a selfie on Sunday. Users take their own photos and upload them with this tag, even though they are already in use today, whether it is Sunday or any other day of the week.


In English, it means “Photos of the Day” and users use it to publish their best photos of the day.


This is not what it seems, this expression literally translates to “irresistible and tasty food” when portrayed. You can already imagine the millions of photos 129 that group this famous label, inviting you to take a look.


This term has a function similar to that described above. #POTD and his translation is “Gram of the day.” “, Which is also the best publication of the day.

# Instamood

With over 188 million photos tagged with this term, it is used to express your mood. Users upload an “expressive” video or photo along with a description explaining their status.


This hashtag already contains 135 million posts and in English it means “Clothes of the Day” . The translation would be “Clothes of the Day” and is widely used in the accounts of bloggers, influential people and people who love fashion. Although many people use it to show the clothes they are wearing and the accessories / accessories they are wearing. Also called  Fashion Hashtags


This hashtag was created by a large community of instagramers who decided to support and teach the most beautiful photographic compositions in the world.

They were also known as the “Global Family”. They even had their own website, but now it’s not so valid and all people use it to upload their photos of the day.


A label that grows fast due to the boom in the gym. It is used to label posts from people in the gym, weight loss, healthy habits, healthy eating and anything related to fitness. There are more than 45 million tagged photos, and it’s growing every day.


In English it is called “Shake your head” and the translation means “go crazy”. Used when a publication is shocking, ridiculous, or something that cannot be explained.

# l4l

It performs the same function as # F4F and means “Like” , meaning that there is an exchange of social interactions in order to get more likes in your post. It is also very popular with more than 130 million uploaded images.


The meaning of LoL  may vary depending on the context. It can be the famous RPG game (League of Legends) or the English expression of loud laughter.


It is based on the English term “Man Crush Monday” and is the same as the #wcw brand, but with men, even if you look, you will find that more photos of women than men are uploaded.


These frequencies can make letters in English mean “Black and White” (Black and White), so users upload photos with black and white filters by grouping them with this label.

# no filter

It is now fashionable to upload photos without filters. To this end, this trend has been created where users publish their photos through this hashtag, without using any type of filter that comes standard with Instagram.


This hashtag is not so popular (photos uploaded 240k), but I wanted to name it. Resources for the “Weekend Hashtag Project” and it is a competition that Instagram prepared some time ago every weekend, when it invited users to upload beautiful photos.

If you want to use Instagram Stories Many of these elements you can use to create compositions that will appeal to multiple users and affect your audience.

Popular fashion hashtags

In addition to the labels I have named, there are others that trend and do not stop growing, that is, they are not as stationary as others that are gradually being discontinued.

Normally, these types of terms are created by celebrities, celebrities, big influences, bloggers, authorities, and brands very often.


This term has become popular all over the world, even before Instagram. Now you know what it means to take a picture of your mobile or tablet yourself. There are more than 310 million users on the social network who publish their selfies.

In fact, one of the most famous that will become a descendant is the one that was produced at the 2014 Oscar Gala. Twitter has already been shared more than 1 million times, just 50 minutes after its release.

As curious facts, the word of the year in 2013 was chosen by the Oxford dictionary, and since then mobile companies have improved the resolution of the front cameras, in addition to the built-in flash and more accessories.

# Belfie

The term started strong, but it seems to have had many problems on the social network. It involves uploading pictures of the buttocks, buttocks and display of the back. Users upload these photos with panties, thongs, panties and even on the air.

One of the drivers was Kim Kardashian for her photos in front of a half-sided mirror.


It looks like in previous terms and consists of getting your hair and hair. He has also been accepted into the Oxford Dictionary, and many actresses and models support and encourage such publications.

For example, Jessica Alba is a fan of photographing her hair, so the term is gaining in importance.


This hashtag is used when taking group photos, although it can be easily confused with #selfie.

# Drelfie

It is not so famous, but it has also been used for a short time. Users upload their photos drunk, but logically celebrities don’t support these terms, which they end up using, except for embarrassing photos they can upload.

# Bikinibridge

He had his fame, but gradually stopped using it, it is the passing fashion of hashtags. It is true that in the summer it gains some strength among users.

It’s about uploading photos in a bikini, more or less suggestively, but it shows the space that is created between the sides. The literal translation is actually “bikini bridge”.

This has had a negative impact, as it may indicate a woman’s slenderness and could trigger a social alarm representing a beautiful body associated with weight loss.


As the name suggests, this is a photo shoot when you wake up from bed, although it must be as natural as possible.

Singer Beyoncé also contributed a photo of her taking part in this phenomenon, which also lost its significance on Instagram.


The literal translation is “After the act” and it is based on that, upload photos after the act is completed, although if you explore the channel where the term appears, you will find everything.

Miley Cyrus has also been involved in this phenomenon, but experts do not recommend monitoring it, as it may steal personal privacy when you publish it.


I name it because it seems very curious to me and because new terminology has been adapted on the basis of this concept. This is hanging the photos by the rear air in any case, also uses the #buttsofinstagram of #cheekyexploits with the same purpose.

These types of fashionable hashtags can be dangerous because new actions and behaviors appear each day that can be grouped into a channel. As you’ve seen, it’s more normal and considerate, and also more suggestive, classified as adult content.

Instagram filters

Once you select the photo you want to publish, Instagram suggests 24 filters (which may vary because they remove and include new ones) to retouch your songs before publishing.

In this video you can see all Instagram filters , although you want to know the detailed characteristics of each filter and under what conditions each is used, read on:

You may also be interested in other online photo filter programs very similar to Instagram with many options for retouching your photos

These are the characteristics of each filter on Instagram:

Original photos without filters

I will take this reference photo, these are the original images without applying a filter. I used one building and the other landscape with a person to better see the differences between each:

1.- Aden

This filter is ideal for portraits and stands out more when the colors are pastel. It provides a purple and pink tone that improves skin tone and creates a greater life effect when shooting a portrait. Low contrast softens imperfections and it is highly recommended to take a Selfie.

2.- Amaro

If you have a photo that is a bit dark, it’s a good idea to use an Amaro filter. Increase the exposure of the photo by illuminating the center of the photo and adding a bluish tone, but the contrast will be lost.

Tip: If you want to create a photo in vintage style (postcard type), it also works great.

3.- Clarendon

Clarendon is the most used filter of all Instagram users in the world, it is able to enhance photos of any subject.

It is so famous because it brings a lot of brightness to the image, emphasizes the main elements and emphasizes all the blue tones of the photo and shadows.

Try it and see why it is still the king of instagram filters .

4.- Cream

The cream filter is used more in outdoor photos and creates a hot / cold effect, making the image smooth and creamy.

5.- Gingham

Gingham gently washes the colors by changing the lighting of the photo, reminiscent of the effect in a dream.

6.- Hefe

The Hefe filter produces gold and yellow tones, even if the photo is slightly out of focus. It is often used to enhance vibrant colors in photographs where there is a variety of colors, such as in a pool, flowers, and landscape with many elements. It is very similar to Lo-Fi style instagram filters.

  1. – Hudson

The Hudson filter adds extra coolness and extra texture to your photo, enhancing the contrast and shadows of your photo. If you try to apply a filter to photos from the pool or the beach, you will see how it creates a cool, icy and stiff effect on the image.

It is used more for photographs of modern elements, architecture, cars and also for photographs taken abroad.

8.- Inkwell

Inkwell is a high contrast and black and white filter. It can be used for photos with poor lighting and hiding shadows, creating an old effect, or if the Willow filter doesn’t work for you.

9.- Juno

Juno is a filter widely used by instagrams, in fact it is considered the most popular 2º in the world. It softens blue and green, increases mid and red tones, and changes the cool tone to bright green.

This means that yellow, orange, and red intensify in the photo. It is widely used in selfies and landscapes.

10.- Lark

The trophy filter desaturates red and enhances green and blue by adding extra brightness. Very useful for landscapes, rivers and forests.

11.- Lo-fi

The Lo-fi filter increases contrast and saturation, and shadows are enhanced. Simulate low quality cameras. Highly recommended for any photo of food and meals in general.

12.- Ludwig

The Ludwig filter increases the light of the photo and gently turns off the colors. Recommended for architecture, minimalist paintings, portraits and geometric shapes.

13.- Month

The moon filter is like Gingham, but in its black and white version, the result is an image that has fragile lighting.

14.- Myfair

The Mayfair filter has a pink tinge and appears to appear in the picture as if it were 50 years old. He appeared with an apology from the Instagram team.

15.- Nashville

The Nashville filter creates a pleasant and pleasant touch on your photos. It has a semi-pink whole, which further enhances the effect. You can use it to give your photo a nostalgic and oldie tone.

16.- Perpetual

The permanent filter enhances the yellow, green and blue tones of the photo as if it were an image in full nature. It’s great to use it for photos abroad, if you try it on the beach, the effect is even more noticeable.

17.- Reyes

The Reyes filter desaturates each color and creates a warm vintage effect with extra lighting. Widely used for retro and old photos.

18.- Rise

The Rise filter provides reflection in the photo and soft lighting in the center, softens each fraction and converts colors to creams and yellows. It’s as if the first light of the day hit the photo with a warm glow.

It is often used to soften the skin and give a fresh touch every day.

19.- Sierra

The saw filter blurs images a bit by adding lighting to the center and creating a vignette in each corner. Use yellow tones to create a warm effect on your photo.

It is widely used for landscape photography, outdoors and creates a relaxing and peaceful effect.

  1. – Break

As the name suggests (hibernation or sleep), the sleep filter desaturates colors and creates a blurred effect. It would be something like a dreamy effect, retro or even melancholic.

21.- Valencia

The Valencia filter illuminates the image with warm and bright colors. Thanks to these warm tones, the image has a vintage and old effect (type 80 years), the photos look faded, but retain the original quality.

It is often used for photos with pastel tones and soft colors that are sure to enhance them.

22.- Willow

The willow filter produces gray scales (black and white), but blacks are more like gray and white is cream. Used for vehicles, furniture, faces, nature, architecture, landscape and the city.

This filter, also useful for an impromptu selfie without becoming pure black and white, enhances colors with an impressive effect.

23.- X for II

The X Pro II filter enhances many colors in a photo, creating a warm and vibrant effect. Looks like the photos were more vivid and animated.

It can be perfectly used for indoor and outdoor photos, to enhance colors and quality portraits.

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