An infoproduct is a digital information product generated by a professional expert in the field with the aim of helping to solve the needs or problems demanded by users.

Infoproducts are a way to generate passive income and at the same time approach very specific niches that have a series of problems that must be solved as soon as possible.

In addition, one of the advantages of creating these infoproducts is the fact that they can be automated. That means working on autopilot while generating money.

Types of infoproducts

We could ask ourselves specific types of infoproducts. Therefore, we offer a list below:


Selling books on autopilot is one of the options as an infoproduct.

They can be added to a website or blog so that people can buy it at any time, and also be able to distribute it on another series of platforms that have great access by users.

This way we could guarantee to have a minimum monthly income thanks to this infoproduct.


It is a very coveted option since planning and organization are essential to manage any digital business. Create created templates that are useful for planning content, organizing ideas, etc. Templates are a very typical infoproduct.

Experts recommend selling a pack on different topics, either to organize content, to create a marketing plan, an agenda, etc.

Online courses

Another of the most famous options is the creation of online courses that people buy and consume periodically. We can create several and that are accessible at all times.

The objective is to be able to solve the problems of the users who demand those solutions. For example: a WordPress specialist can create a basic, medium and advanced course on how to create web pages.


Another possibility could be the creation of an outstanding class in which a specific topic is solved. They usually have a low price. The person who acquires the class can solve their problems according to the instructions of the instructor.


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