Incense stick

Incense stick . Synonymous with incense, resinous elements that emanate a fragrance that is pleasant when burned.


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  • 1 Origin of the word Sahumerio
  • 2 Explanation of Incense stick
  • 3 Types of Incense sticks, their composition and their applications
  • 4 most common applications of incense sticks
  • 5 Use and utility for practical life
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Origin of the word Sahumerio

The Latin roots are those that allow and gave rise to the word that means action to produce a pleasant humor , in this case the lexical components are sub which means below below I will smoke which is to smoke and finally I refer to an action and effect . The definition of its environment is an allusion to the process and the result of smoking. The word incense is normally used as a synonym for incense. It is worth noting that the Royal Spanish Academy indicates that incenses are a combination of various resinous elements that give off a fragrance that is pleasant when burned.

Incense explanation

The word indicates that it is a reference to the aromatic smoke obtained when something is burned with the intention of smoking. Regarding the most common use of this word, it is the product that is usually marketed for aromatic purposes, more than anything so that the environment is perfumed. The first meaning of the term incense in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy refers to the process and the result of incense. This verb makes mention of generating an aromatic smoke to make something have a pleasant perfume or to purify it. The notion of incense, in this way, also refers to aromatic smoke and that which is burned with the intention of incense. The most common use of incense, in short, refers to the product that is marketed for aromatic purposes, to perfume an environment. As general characteristics, incense sticks are presented as thin rods that are placed in devices known as incense holders. In order for them to release their fragrance, the end must be set on fire and, in this way, the incense burns and perfumes the environment.

Types of incense sticks, their composition and their applications

  • Amber: Represents history and knowledge. The Amberis good for meditation where looking discover information. It is also very good for divination tasks, it is used a lot in tarot readings. It is associated with Air.
  • Opium: It is associated with sleep and is good to light in any ritual that involves sleep in any way. It is also used to induce lucid dreams. Perfect for burning to help sleep and dream.
  • Patchouli: The strong aroma of patchouli (or patchouli, patchouli) is associated with happiness and enjoyment.
  • Rosa: Associated with love, sex and desire. It is a good incense for rituals associated with love, as it attracts desire and glamor. It is an incense more inclined to physical attraction than emotional, unlike Jasmine.
  • Cedar: Cedar, like other wooden incenses, is an associate of fire. It is generally seen as an incense stick that denotes power and strength. It is good to turn it on in a recently installed, built or opened location as it announces force and pushes this force into the place. It is also used in virility rituals for men.
  • Sandalwood: Sandalwood is an associative of fire and water, and at the same time seen as a sacred wood. Because Sandalwood is a great incense to light for any divinity and belief, it is also ideal for sanctifying and purifying a certain area or environment. Ideal for purifying houses and businesses.
  • Ginger: It is associated with fire. Ideal for rituals that incite desire and lust.
  • Lavender: Lavender incense promotes beauty, is a good incense for attraction and glamor, and also for any ritual with the intention of beautifying. It also works perfect in love rituals, attraction rituals, and is a good incense to light in romantic situations.
  • Jasmine: Jasmine is associated with night and love. Although it is associated with love, it is not necessarily used for sexual attraction, but with beauty, that is why it differs with Rosa’s incense stick. In love rituals where Rose tends to use an environment of romance, Jasmine focuses more on mental and emotional connections, and while Jasmine may attract someone who possesses beauty, this beauty is usually an inner beauty, of character, that is to say a person that you consider beautiful. This also makes the Jasmine incense stick good for friendship rituals and attracting friends.
  • Cinnamon: It is one of the most used incense sticks and easy to find. It is associated with fire, which makes it suitable and a good option to deal with elements of fire. It is associated with passion, lust, sexual desire – which makes it good for aphrodisiac rituals or to improve sex life. It is also ideal for lighting during sex. But what sets him apart from others is that he is very good at raising energy. If you are trying to raise good energy, cinnamon is an incense that will help you – that is why it is so useful in rituals that need a lot of energy.
  • Vanilla: Associated with air, it is generally an incense stick to light and represent the element of air. Specifically vanilla is associated with intelligence, thoughts and abilities of the mind. It is a good option to light in rituals that are for intelligence, studies and work.
  • Lotus: Usually associated with mental clarity, increased concentration, and intelligence. Due to these characteristics and properties, the Lotus is normally used in meditations and for studies.
  • Myrrh: Associated with the sun, Myrrh is mythically known. Celestial or divinity attributes are known to her. Traditionally it was used for funeral events, but this is for its attributed quality of raising to heaven or having the favor of God, or to promote the renewal of our lives with each passing day. Due to its divine properties, Myrrh is seen as an incense of purification and exorcism, especially used in Christian rituals and in the Church. More than anything, Myrrh acts as an amplifier for any ritual that is performed, due to its association with the Sun. It must be taken into account that due to its divine association, Myrrh does not serve to amplify rituals in which something is proposed in against the will of other people or of God.
  • Musk: It is associated with the earth, and is a good incense to restore order and balance, realign energies, create barriers and protection against bad waves, and remove the bad influences of negative magic (Black Magic).
  • Incense: Also called Frankincense, incense is known to most people by seeing it burned at the Masses of the Catholic Church. It is commonly used to promote calm and peace, to help stress and anxiety. It is also very helpful in ending conflict or strife, restoring a friendship that ended in conflict, to bring peace and resolution with enemies, and factors that hinder. It also relieves tense situations or tension in a person who is nervous or worried. In all cases, incense is good for ending conflict or tension and bringing a state of peace and calm. By the nature of incense it is used in general in religious rituals and as an aid to meditation. They are also attributed healing properties, related to conflicts and stress that leads to the body being sick.

Most common applications of incense sticks

  • In rituals they are usually turned on to raise the energy, adjust the energy of the environment or the person who is performing it.
  • In meditations, incense sticks are lit to help practitioners achieve a state of more clarity, calm and focus.
  • The incense stick is usually used to help astral projections and lucid dreams.
  • When an incense or incense stick is lit, an element of fire can be drawn to aid the ritual.
  • Preferably the incense sticks can be lit to attract good energy in an area, or to drive away bad energy in an environment.
  • They also help the person who grasps it to connect with the ideas and energies associated with each incense stick.

Use and utility for practical life

Incense is commonly used as a synonym for incense. An incense is a combination of resinous elements that give off a pleasant fragrance when burned. This means that incenses, in fact, are incense sticks are used to smoke.


  • You can light an incense stick to remove the smell of frying left in the house
  • When I want to relax, I light a sandalwood incense and listen to jazz, “For a romantic date, there’s nothing better than dining by candlelight and flavoring your home with a good incense stick.

Due to the chemical compounds and components, it is possible to find incense sticks with different aromas of coconut, vanilla, grape, rose, jasmine or chocolate, among many others. In general, incense sticks are presented as thin rods that are placed in devices known as incense holders. In order for them to release their fragrance, the end must be set on fire and, in this way, the incense burns and perfumes the environment.


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