How to improve self-esteem with simple exercises?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and didn’t like your own image? Didn’t you feel good at work, in relationships and thought you weren’t good enough? Be careful, these are signs of low self-esteem.

This is a frequent problem and can disrupt your personal and professional life. Many women I attend often ask me what to do to increase self-esteem, so I decided to bring these tips on how to improve self-esteem with simple exercises.

I’m sure they will help you, after all, who doesn’t want to feel beautiful, sexy, attractive and good about themselves? This post is for you!

In today’s text we will talk about:

  • What is self-esteem?
  • Advantages of having a high self-esteem
  • How to improve self-esteem?
  • Reflects

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is the set of beliefs, perceptions, assessments and thoughts that we have about ourselves, the assessment that we make based on our experiences. Low self-esteem, on the other hand, implies a negative perception of oneself, and is a factor that can limit us in our daily life.

The truth is that, on many occasions, patients do not know how to identify that they suffer from low self-esteem. Some of the main symptoms that can alert us that our self-esteem is not the best are the following:

  • I have no confidence in myself;
  • I don’t express my likes or opinions for fear of being rejected
  • I don’t feel worthy of the good things in life;
  • I really need the approval of others;
  • I see other people as superior to me and I would like to be like them;
  • I’m almost never happy with what I do because I think I could have done it better;
  • I don’t feel happy;
  • I have difficulty saying no and imposing limits;
  • I think about my weaknesses and almost never stop thinking about my strengths;
  • I feel nervous most of the day;
  • it is practically impossible to take the initiative;
  • I feel almost constantly evaluated in social situations;
  • I feel guilty;
  • I don’t feel attractive;
  • I envy the lives of others;
  • I feel like I have nothing to contribute.

If you have felt this way on several occasions, you have low self-esteem. We will try to improve self-esteem with some exercises so that you start to appreciate and believe in yourself.

Advantages of having a high self-esteem

Independence, security in decision-making, resolution and trust are just some of the advantages of living with high self-esteem. It is not a matter of elevating the ego to place it above others or to believe that we are better than other people.

Egocentrism is not sufficiently valued in today’s society because it is considered a sign of arrogance. However, it is important to work on our ego until we love each other above all else.

How to improve self-esteem?

Many people ask me if there is any way to improve their self-esteem .

Obviously there is no magic potion, but we must be aware that only each person can improve in that sense based on constancy and following some advice.

Stop depreciating

We have to be realistic with our virtues and our shortcomings. We are not perfect, but the intention is not to be. The goal is to be happy. So, to achieve this, we must accept the things we don’t do so well and learn from it.

When a person has low self-esteem, he finds out very easily what is not good. For example, you say: “I suck at cooking” or “dancing is not my thing”, but you forget the good things you are able to do. So, whenever you think it is bad for a particular task, think of another one for which you are good.

Start thinking positive

Change your thoughts and eliminate the limiting beliefs in your life once and for all.

The “I can’t” for “I will try”, “I will succeed”, “I will succeed”. It sounds like a cliché, but forcing yourself a little to look at the good things in life can help you get out of the negative dynamic.

Set realistic goals

Set relatively easy goals to achieve and goals that you can maintain.

Little by little, you can increase them and you will see that, step by step, you are achieving your goals. If you fail, learn from it without blaming yourself for your mistakes, as failure is a way of knowing how to do it differently next time. Dare to face the challenges.

Don’t compare yourself

Many women have a habit of comparing themselves with other people and feel frustrated when they realize that they cannot be like them. The media often impose unattainable standards of beauty and it is unhealthy to try to follow them. Focus on yourself, on your life.

Envying and idealizing the life of the other will only bring unhappiness.

Accept and forgive yourself

Write a letter and describe everything you don’t like about yourself and everything you feel guilty about.

Don’t leave anything out. Read carefully and appreciate what you can improve.

Say goodbye to that letter and tear it into a thousand pieces. From that moment on, you start from scratch, with everything you’ve learned, but leaving the blame behind. Start a new chapter in your life.

Believe in yourself

Want to know a powerful way to improve self-esteem? Believe in yourself and your unique and innate skills.

You are a great woman, beautiful both inside and out. Do not allow anything or anyone to make you believe otherwise. State every day “I believe in myself”, and if you find it difficult to make that statement, try this: “I am in the process of believing in myself”. The most important thing is that, little by little, you increase confidence in yourself.

Take care of your appearance

Many may believe it is silly advice, but the way you show yourself powerfully affects how you feel.

In fact, just choosing clothes and feeling beautiful can boost your self-esteem.

Neglecting your personal presentation can be a sign that your spirit is also neglected.

Get a new haircut, buy nice clothes or ask a friend with good taste for fashion to help her improve her personal presentation. Take some time each day to choose the clothes you are going to wear or make new details in your hair.

Get out of your comfort zone

When things are not going well, we tend to stay strong in places we know, that we think are safe.

However, doing something radically new can broaden your concept of yourself.

Even if you think you suck at something, just trying will make you feel brave and open your mind. Take dance lessons, enroll in a gym, start a yoga class … Whatever you want. Just experience the parts of yourself that you don’t already know.

Practice pompoirism

Have you heard of pompoirism ? It is a technique that consists of contraction and relaxation of the vaginal muscles, which helps in the intimate health of women and ensures greater sexual pleasure, in addition to being useful in the treatment and prevention of sexual dysfunctions.

Through pompoirism, women have more control of the vaginal muscles to provide greater pleasure in sexual intercourse for themselves and their loved ones.

The exercises help the woman to reach more intense orgasms, make the woman feel more desired and with self-esteem in the heights.

Be self-confident

A serious problem for many women is the addictive relationship they establish with their partners or other members of their families.

If you have the feeling that you cannot live without that person, it will undermine your self-esteem.

There is nothing better than discovering that you can survive on your own. Enjoy, love and spend time with your loved ones, but you should also make time for yourself.


Practice these exercises on how to improve self-esteem frequently and you will certainly see how you will improve. If you don’t feel better after a while, psychological therapy can help you.

Self-esteem is a skill that should always be worked on: the more you practice, the more it will improve. Think about the good things that life has brought you, the challenges you have overcome and the aspects of your life that can be improved.

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