Some important Gmail tips that will make you a Gmail Expert

Who does not know g-mail in the world of e-mail, in today’s smart era where Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo have many email service but most popular is Gmail. Today I am going to tell you the tips and tricks of this Gmail which will benefit you a lot and these gmail tricks will make you a G-mail expert.

Gmail is very easy to use and it provides absolutely user friendly email service, due to which its popularity increases even more.

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Gmail started in 2004 and since then it has been steadily climbing the heights of success. So let me tell you about some such Gmail Tips and Tricks that will make your experience of Gmail even more fun.

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8 Best Gmail Tips and Tricks in Hindi 2019

Here I am telling you about the top 7 Gmail tips and tricks, all these are useful and helpful for every gmail user, read the post carefully.

1. Scheduling Email

Yes, let me tell you that like Facebook Post, you can also schedule G-mail. To schedule an email, you must install an Extension called boomerang for gmail.

You can draft your email with the help of this. After installing this extension you will get the option to schedule email.

2. Google Calendar

If you always use Gmail, then this tool can be very useful for you. You can add Google Calendar to your account. This is a feature of Google Labs, you can go to Settings >> labs and enable calendar gadget and save changes.

3. Multi Gmail In One Browser

Many of you will know about this feature. If you do not know, then today I will tell you that we all have many Gmail accounts and we have to repeatedly go from one browser to another to access all these emails simultaneously.

But the way I am telling you, you will get rid of this mess. To use this trick, you have to go to your profile Icon and you can add and manage a new account by clicking on Add-Account.

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4. View Last Seen of Account

You will find this trick very useful. From this you can see that no one has opened your account and at what time has it been opened.

You can get the information of Time, IP address and Browser by going to Detail by clicking on the Last Account Activity option at the bottom of your main page.

5. Apply New Theme

Friends, we always get bored seeing the same design of G-mail, so do not worry anymore because you can change the theme in Gmail.

For this, you should go to Setting and choose the option of Themes and then choose Set Theme, then you choose any theme according to you. You will get the option of Color Theme, HD Theme and Custom Theme.

6. Undo Send Email by mistake

Many times it happens to us that we are sending mail to someone else but it goes to someone else or we send mail to someone and after sending, we remember to add some more things If so, let me tell you the trick to avoid it.

First you go to General Settings and then you will get an option below Undo Send, then enable it and you put a time limit as much as you want.

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7. Removing unnecessary tabs

If you want to remove Primary, Social, Updates and Promotion etc. in Gmail then I tell you. Go to Settings and go to Inbox, then go to categories and remove unwanted tabs.

8. Send Big Files

Friends, as you know, we cannot send any file over 25 MB to Gmail. If you want to send a file of more than 25 MB in size, then you go to Google Drive and share the link of the file.

You can share up to 10 GB of file from Google Drive.

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