Importance of Punctuation Signs

We live in a society in which people need to communicate. The communication is vital for human beings in every aspect. From an informal point of view, conversation, of whatever type, is essential and something that makes people interact with each other. From a formal point of view, people need a series of resources in the most cultured language from the professional point of view, with which to address colleagues, studies, etc. However, one of the most used processes and that is most necessary to record personal impressions, studies, knowledge, culture, projects, etc., that is, the knowledge of the human being, is writing.

The language is very easy to learn. Obviously, the oral is always much easier to know than the written. However, what is written, depending on each language, may have more or less difficulty. Thus, some languages, such as Chinese or Japanese, are very difficult to learn from the written point of view. English is less and Spanish is in the middle.

Within writing, language is not only important from the point of view of learning , but also from the point of view of spelling and knowing how to use punctuation marks correctly.

One of the positive elements of the Spanish language is that it is possible to vary the order of the words in the sentences without implying the variation of meaning of the same. However, the modification of punctuation marks in a sentence can, on many occasions, alter its meaning. That is why it is very important to know the correct use of these punctuation marks. This, in addition to correct knowledge of the language, shows us a whole series of possibilities when it comes to expressing what we want more easily.

In the Spanish language, the main punctuation marks are: period, comma, colon, semicolon, quotation marks, parentheses, question marks, exclamation marks, ellipsis, hyphen, and dash. Each of them has very specific characteristics and are used in a very specific way. In some cases, as we have said previously, the change of place or the nonexistence of any of these punctuation marks, implies that the phrase changes completely, ceases to make sense or that the intention that we wanted to give to the phrase disappears completely. That is why it is important that, in addition to knowing the language, we also know everything about its spelling and, within it, the use of those important punctuation marks to make us understand.


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