Importance of Organizational Design

From a business point of view, it is important to point out the importance of having a good organizational design for the company. This is essential if we want our product, whatever it is, to reach customers as we want it to. If we see it from an objective point of view, this structuring can be valid not only for all types of companies, but for all types of organizations that want to achieve a very specific objective.

That is why every company must be clear about a series of basic points that it must apply:

Strategy: any company that wants to achieve something must have it. When you have a product, you have to study what is the best way to offer it from many points of view, such as knowing what product you have, who the product is for, how you want to present it to the customer, what it will be the policy of marketing to offer, what will be the range of the product, whether local, national, international or all, etc.

Processes: on the other hand it is important to take into account the processes that will be used to carry it out. If we see it from the business point of view, it will be necessary to see what the company headquarters will be, what production model we are going to use, machinery, if it is used, distribution , etc.

Personal: It is a very important. A design of the sections that are essential for our company to start strongly, maintain and grow in the near future has to be carried out. For this, it is very important to have qualified personnel, both in training and experience, who guarantee that the product we offer has the maximum guarantee and offers the best to potential clients.

Clients: it is the essential and fundamental element since if there are no clients, there is no product to sell. Increasingly, companies, when launching a product, not only rely on their product being good, but on how to reach the customer so that they want it. For this, in addition to a marketing campaign, the link established between the customer, the product and the company itself is also important. You have to realize that today the customer is looking for quality or the usefulness of the product since if they lack these two elements, it is very likely that they will not be very successful.

If we look at it from a social point of view, organizational design is based a bit on the same principles . Strategy is important, as well as the processes established to carry out your strategy, the personnel who work to carry them out and, above all, the people who will be linked to that strategy. As an example we could put NGOs, various organizations, etc.


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