Importance of the Magazine

The history of Humanity is marked in a before and after thanks to the appearance and diffusion of Scripture as a settlement not only of details of the time where they were captured (what is known as Historical Documents ) but also in a reliable, permanent way. and transcendent of Communication in which not only do we have a message destined for a greater number of Recipients or Recipients , but it does not change or mutate over time.

This communication increased markedly with the appearance of the Printing Press , where books and bindings were broadcast, which included large amounts of text (one of the first to be published was The Bible) and later with the creation of the first newspapers that they collected a large number of newspaper articles of public interest for a specific community or population .

The evolution of the Graphic Communication Media continued its course as more and more printers spread around the world and in turn Technological Advances arrived that increased their quality, and so a new genre landed that did not have a daily publication but rather It had a longer periodicity: La Revista , also called Magacín for its Castilianization of the term Magazine in the English language.

There are different themes that are developed by these publications, the most popular being Current Magazines that are linked to the world of Shows , where reports are made to celebrities, actors, musicians and artists who are part of the General Interest of a given society, as well as the great stars of the world.

Unlike Newspapers , magazines, instead of narrating facts or events that have occurred in the day-to-day life of a society, can offer an in-depth analysis of a particular event, with reports and interviews with characters of interest as well as the realization of Research Articles where the texts of Scientific Disclosure are also highlighted , which promote the scientific knowledge of a particular subject but adapted to the reading of those who are not specialists in the subject.

Currently and with the rise of Web 2.0, a large number of Digital Magazines have appeared, offering the same content as a Paper Magazine but at no cost (or at a lower cost) and a large number of articles of interest to be enjoyed by readers.


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