Importance of Relief

We perceive the world around us making use of the Five Senses , making constant use of them and modifying our behavior or generating actions through Pulses or Stimuli, and being able to generate different responses in us depending on Previous Experiences or the knowledge we have of this environment that all the time has something new to discover.

Among the characteristics of what we are perceiving, a very important one is that of Relief, being a word that we have surely heard in different concepts, and applied to a large number of cases, having in common that it is a Variation in Height that it presents any object that we use, being fundamentally perceptible by Touch.

This feature is highly exploited in the world of Art and Sculpture, with the use of different techniques and materials that allow Carvings and Sculptures that generate variations in the height of a flat surface, or work at height combining different elements, such as It is the case of the realization of Statues and Gargoyles, which adorn the squares, the historical buildings and the religious temples.

Also in art we talk about Relief when an image presents an Optical Illusion that makes it possible to distinguish the location of one object from another through the perspective of an observer, generating a Distance Effect, especially when working on the realization of Realistic Paintings, or when drawing and making Three-Dimensional Images.

Finally we highlight the use of this concept in the Land Relief, which we will surely remember from the Geography classes , where the form that the Earth’s Surface takes to be able to give rise to Coordilleras and Mountains, in addition to all kinds of elevations or depressions in it, being studied for what is Geology.


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