Importance of the Document

A document includes an act or fact carried out by an institution or by a person, whether physical, legal, public or private. This act or fact is collected on a medium, either on paper or, as technology has advanced a great deal, it can currently be done on a CD, a tape, a photograph , or any other type of medium that can be preserved. This in turn generates a file, which can be of all kinds, from archaeological, audiovisual , legal, etc.

The value found in the document is that it not only includes an act, a fact, but once it has been done and filed, over time it becomes a part of the story, which may be small or large.

The documents are the source of the history of each country and the world, they collect many historical events of all kinds, whether legal, legal, warfare, social, recreational, cultural, etc. Thanks to these we can make a real and historical image of how our ancestors lived and how they were organized in all aspects of life.

A document, in addition to a support, is a way to archive the knowledge of the human being. Increasingly, as technology advances, we can store much more information of all kinds in much smaller spaces . Although it is essential to understand that knowledge today, if not infinite, is closer to it, thanks to technologies such as computers, the Internet and all social, labor, cultural relations, etc. established within the network, there are numerous filters of all kinds that help us collect the essentials of all the knowledge we have and save it.

The importance of the document is that it is something that at the time has been tangible, that contains a specific fact that we can know today and, in the same way, we can keep all kinds of documentation today so that in our future generations they know and find out what our society was like.
The document has always been a need for people to collect any type of act or fact in writing, so that it is registered and, in case one of the two parties denies it, it can be presented as an element that establishes the veracity of the act itself.

Thanks to the documents we have been able to understand our own history and the history of many other civilizations and empires. We can collect our own current history, our record of the economy, culture, legality, etc., etc., etc., and save it for consultation at any time.

In short, referring to the value of a document implies saving a fact that, no matter how much time passes – unless it is destroyed – can be kept forever.


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