Importance of Soccer

Soccer is perhaps the most popular sport worldwide today. It is important not only at a sporting level, as a game and hobby, but also at a social level, since it unites social groups, clubs or even nations. Finally, soccer is today one of the sports that generates the most money due to the popularity it has in regions such as Europe, Latin America, Asia and lately also the United States. Thus, the world soccer championship like many other international and local tournaments means an important movement of capital that is put up by multinationals, individuals or organizations of all kinds.

Soccer is a relatively simple sport that is based on scoring goals against the opposing team. The teams are made up of ten players and one goalkeeper, the one responsible for preventing points against their own team from being scored. Soccer matches last 90 minutes with an interval of 15 minutes that divides the times into two periods of 45 minutes each.

Nowadays, many people turn to not only watch football matches of all kinds and colors, facilitated by the significant number of hours they have on television , but it is also practiced in an amateur way more and more in places specially destined for it as clubs, courts, spaces and sports centers, etc. In this way, people can feel much closer and involved with soccer than if they just watched it on TV. Identification with a local team or with the one selected from the country to which one belongs are extremely interesting elements that serve to understand the relevance that soccer has at a social level.

On the other hand, the importance of soccer also goes through an economic side. As it was said before, this sport is today responsible for the movement of an endless amount of capital that is placed both in clubs, in teams, in individuals (be it technicians or players) and in this way large numbers of people make profits from betting, the investments and capital movements that this sport can mean. The Soccer World Cup usually generates millions of dollars in profits in the countries where it is broadcast.


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